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Welcome to the intersection of unconventional nutrition and modern psychology. I want to teach you how to ditch dieting, obsessiveness, and frustration in exchange for an intuitive approach that puts you back in control and works with your body instead of against it. Real food, real support, real change.

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When Real Food and Functional Exercise Doesn’t Work

“Just eat real food” is a popular phrase these days. Most add, “and do functional exercise” to that. I’ve used that statement before and I’ll use it again, but it’s too simplistic. So simplistic, in fact, that it leaves a lot of people feeling hopeless when it doesn’t work like magic.

“I’ve tried eating real food and doing functional exercise. I still don’t feel better and I haven’t lost weight.”

“I’m eating real food and doing functional exercise but I still have X or Y issue.… Read the Rest

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Chasing Greatness Part One: Authenticity


This episode is part of a series. If you haven’t listened to the Chasing Greatness introduction, you can find that here along with the other episodes in the series.

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Welcome to the first official episode of the Chasing Greatness series. I decided on “authenticity” as the subject for this episode because I feel like it’s the bedrock for what’s to come.… Read the Rest

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