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  1. mhikl says

    “pain is just a normal part of ageing.”
    Truly, so not true. Pain is a message. Once answered and fixed it is no more. Survival of all species depends upon it leaving, once the prob is fixed.
    This message is well spelt out by Dr John Sarno, back surgeon, in his 2nd book, “Healing Back Pain”.

    Point: he observed that those coming to him for back pain were in their late twenties-to-late fifties and many, he studied, with decrepit backs (verifiable anomalies—some truly awful) and who were elderly, had no pain, even when bent over from deterioration. This led him to suspect that pain has its purpose and once the purpose is fulfilled, it should make its exit. If the underlying problem is emotional, and is not amended, then the pain can persist until the underlying issues are fixed; either by study or when the flames of stress are finally tamed; often round retirement age.

    Dr Sarno came up with his thesis on TMS (Tension Myositis/Myoneural Syndrome) or MBC, Mind-Body Control, which is caused by a stressed person’s brain inducing ‘oxygen deprivation’, a useful and important process in dangerous moments that involves animal’s innate flee or fight mechanism for physical survival. But then the mind directs attention away from what it perceives as fearful thoughts—even everyday minor, perceived duties such as paying an end-month bill or remembering an activity to perform after work—by inducing pain.
    When not addressed, then the brain, for emotional survival, executes the syndrome and a life of pain is the result.

    To Topic of Review: The occasional potato reward must now come to an end. And the loss of blue berries, and all their wonderful phytonutrients, have filled my bowl with tears. -:)
    Would a return to the occasional chocolate be the worthy substitute?
    Namaste and care,

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