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“Truthful, spot on, inspiring, and motivational. Rebooted Body has shifted my way of thinking about myself and the world around me. I feel like I’ve discovered a missing link in my health journey!”

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“What a fresh perspective to health and fitness. Rather than focusing on the obvious, Rebooted Body taps into fundamental issues that few are talking about, such as the psychological barriers that prevent us from following through with our good intentions.”

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    • says

      Spot on! SO many brilliant ideas and insights. Thank you! I concur with my friend Nina. For addressing the roots of all my deep pain from childhood abandonment, horrific neglect, criminal betrayal, atrocious abuse and more, I suggest ACA to anyone who has the courage to hear the Truth and be set free. It works for me and my friends, every day. Amazing! Aloha, Claire

  1. Robert says

    Wow, Kevin! That went way past my expectations, excellent article, truly, with thoughtful examination real-life issues.

    Eager to hear more on how you implement ways to focus on these areas.

    Ready for our booster shot,


    • Kevin Geary says

      Hi Rob,

      Keep reading and listening. We dive into these areas deeper in other posts and on the podcast :)

  2. says

    I love the fact that you delved into these areas! And, for using the word vitamins. Very clever! Indeed, those are critical vitamins we need. Margin, Love, Patience, Gratitude, Fulfillment, Recovery, Self-esteem and Work. But I think, the overall key there is LOVE. If we learn to love our body, who we are, what we have in life, and the people around us, all those other critical vitamins will come.

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