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Discover why you struggle to consistently align your behavior with your good intentions and heal your relationship with food, body, and self.

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Latest Articles

Is Your Exercise Plan Healthy?

If I asked what you’re doing to nourish your body, you’d probably start telling me about your diet. We’ve been programmed to think of nutrition in that way. That concept needs to be expanded into the realm of movement and exercise. I’ve been pushing hard the concept of “movement nutrition”—thinking about movement as nutrition the…

20 Powerful Journaling Prompts to Ignite Your Health & Fitness Motivation

I recently took to Twitter to publish a slew of journaling prompts to help you with health and fitness motivation. Journaling is just one of the tools we use in our Total Body Reboot online program to bring more insight and understanding to your behavior. It’s very powerful for encouraging change because it gets to the root…

Diet Deception Series: Ideal Protein

I have been dedicated to dispelling dieting myths and the obsession, frustration and destruction of health that come along with them (not to mention time and money wasted) for years. The pull of dieting is strong though, and many people are struggling to get off the dieting roller coaster. Most recently, I’ve witnessed a rash of people…

Latest Podcast Episodes

RB133: Challenges Listeners Are Facing (Answering Emails)

I get hundreds of emails a day asking questions and reply personally to dozens of them. Unfortunately, nobody but the recipient of that email ever gets to see my answers. Instead of letting these great emails continue to evaporate into private corners of the interwebs, I’ll start pulling out a few and responding to them…

RB132: Stop Fact Finding and Start Executing (Kevin on the Life By Design Podcast)

Today’s episode is a recording of my appearance on the Life By Design podcast. It’s a pretty valuable discussion as I tried to pack as much actionable stuff into our short conversation as I could. I really think you’ll enjoy it As for the sparse uploads, I’ve been super busy developing our new program, Decode Your Cravings.…

RB131: 3 Reasons You Might Want to Ditch That Ketogenic Diet

I’m being inundated with emails about ketogenic diets. An article I wrote about a year ago on ketogenic eating has brought in 56,000 unique visitors since January of 2016. The Google Trends chart for ketogenic diets is at an all-time high. Based on all of this, I feel it’s time to do a PSA show…