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Conscious Eating Part III: Activating Digestion

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Most people think that when you put food in your mouth, digestion begins. It makes sense, right? Hey, I’m eating something, therefore my body will digest it.

That’s an oversimplification.… Read the Rest

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TBR053: Saving Money Shopping Gluten Free with Jennifer Fugo


My friend Jennifer Fugo from Gluten Free School joins me to talk about her new book: The Savvy Gluten Free Shopper. It’s all about navigating the grocery store and eating healthy on a budget.

From the Book: Eating gluten-free is a financial burden for many celiac and gluten sensitive families. What starts out as a quest to get back your good health by going gluten-free can create a huge amount of stress over money since the Gluten-Free Diet can cost about two and a half times more money than your former gluten-filled diet.… Read the Rest

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