Bulletproof Coffee for Maximum Energy, Health, and Performance

Disclaimer: This sounds superbly awful. In fact, when I first heard about it I didn’t try it for at least 6 months because I didn’t trust the recipe. I figured it would be something one would have to drink as if they were on the final stage of Fear Factor. Rest assured, it’s delicious, like a super creamy latte.

Disclaimer 2: The guy who is responsible for making this coffee popular is a scam artist, IMO. He doesn’t deserve to have his name mentioned. He peddled this recipe so he could sell his own brand of coffee and MCT oil (while telling you his brand was super special and “low toxin” and all this other nonsense). It was all a lie. One of dozens the guy uses to promote himself and his products. With that said, it doesn’t mean this coffee recipe is bad for you or that it’s a scam—just know that it won’t give you superpowers.

Disclaimer 3: Be aware of the warnings I posted here as many have come to misuse Bulletproof Coffee (based on claims made) on a regular basis (usually as a meal replacement).

Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients

Make sure the butter you use is grass fed. Kerrygold is a brand most likely available in your area. The fat from grass fed cows is not the same as the fat from grain fed cows. Grass fed is far better in every capacity.

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

  1. Place 2 to 6 tablespoons of grass fed butter in large cup or mug.
  2. Pour 1 to 3 tablespoons of 100% pure MCT oil over the butter.
  3. Brew 16 ounces of coffee (I use a Chemex) and pour into the mug.
  4. Blend with an immersion blender. (I also highly recommend the Ninja with Single Serve — it makes 16 ounces perfectly).

What will it do for me?

The fat in the butter and the effects of the MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides extracted from coconut oil) will keep you full and energized for hours. It also provides necessary saturated fat (yes, you read that correctly) and CLAs (Conjugated linoleic acids). Cholesterol is the building block of hormones. Demonizing cholesterol and saturated fat was one of the worst mistakes of the mainstream healthy and fitness industry.


I now use an Aeropress instead of a Chemex and couldn’t be happier. The Aeropress is cheaper, easier, faster, and the taste is smoother. Seriously, get an Aeropress. The picture makes it look like a POS, but it’s solid, portable, and works extremely well and soooo simple to use and clean.


Kevin Geary

Kevin Geary is the founder of Rebooted Body and host of The Rebooted Body Podcast. He helps men and women finally get a body and life they love with his unique blend of real food, functional movement, and psychology. To work with him personally, choose a program.

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  • enetasylum101

    The bulletproof coffee experience is going great. Lots of energy, no jitters and no crash. It’s hard to describe the total experience without including the enhanced alertness and focus. It’s similar to distraction isolation, whereas distractions become tasks to deal with one at a time without becoming overwhelmed. You are aware of everything going on around you from the major to the minor but your able to prioritize them, It’s weird, you will have to experience for yourself.

  • Paula Couchman

    I have been drinking bulletproof coffee for a while, well my way.
    I make a black instant coffee, it is all I can use, with 1 tbs organic
    butter, 1 tbs organic virgin coconut oil. Where I live in Australia
    this is all I can get. You are right about only drinking it this
    way, a friend made me a normal coffee with milk and I felt
    so sick afterwards.

  • Simon

    Just tried my first one with a single origin coffee – lovely !

    Question, I have just entered that middle age phase and after a life of martial arts, have hit blood pressure issues and a lack of vitality….

    Do you think this will help / aggravate ?

    Hoping to regain some energy to manage a busy job and the training I still want to do !

    Great article by the way ! Thanks !


    • Kevin Geary

      Hi Simon, Bulletproof Coffee is a healthier version of coffee and will light your productivity on fire. But it’s not a miracle cure for other stuff. Getting your diet dialed in is most important.

      • Kay

        “black instant coffee, it is all I can use, with 1 tbs organic
        butter, 1 tbs organic virgin coconut oil.”

        The above recipe is what was given to me recently…I’ve tried it and like it; however, are the amounts too little to make the difference it’s designed to? AND is it okay to substitute the MCT with coconut oil?

  • Jonathan

    So, what’s your thought on a bit of agave or honey added to the mix? Will it interfere with the “chemistry?” Outside of one or two cheat meals each week, I eat paleo … except for my coffee. Can’t drink it black all the time and like to add a little agave nectar.

    • Kevin Geary

      Hi Jonathan,

      You won’t be drinking it black if you’re using the bulletproof recipe. But yes, agave and honey will both render your bulletproof coffee non-bulletproof.

      • MattP

        I heard that that if you use raw honey as a sweetener after the blending there will not be an detrimental effects. Is this true?

          • jazzfeed

            Why not?
            If “bulletproof” doesn’t mean anything, what does “non-bulletproof” mean?
            How does sweetener interfere with the benefit of the fat?
            I’d use cold-extract organic coffee (“toddy”) to bring your coffee up two more levels. The organic part is obvious; in addition, by infusing the grounds in room temperature water for 12 hours or so boiling water is never poured over them and the result is smooth and very low-acid, yet still potent caffeine-wise. The boiling-water-poured-over-beans is what creates a majority of the acidity and un-needed and un-wanted chemistry in hot-brewed coffee.

          • Kevin Geary

            Bulletproof is a nickname for the specific recipe. Honey and sweeteners affect blood glucose levels — Bulletproof Coffee does not. The goal is zero insulin response.

            I think your toddy recommendation would be great!

          • jazzfeed

            You are on it, thanks! I understand your objection. However, because of the fat, I’m guessing bulletproof coffee w/some sweetener is relatively better, insulin response-wise, than non-bulletproof w/some sweetener.

            I have toddy directions ready to go for anyone who asks. Once a batch of toddy is made and stored in glass in the refrigerator it is way faster and easier to make a cup than conventional preparation.

          • Kevin Geary

            Fat will definitely slow absorption, but a lot of people use bulletproof coffee to aid with intermittent fasting, and sweetener of any kind would disrupt that. And I definitely don’t recommend sweeteners in general anyway.

  • Megan

    I’ve seen many people say the Ninja doesn’t do well with coffee – did yours do fine with the single serve cups?? I literally just bought the system today & am SO bummed that this might not be an option 🙁 Help!

  • fuelthechange

    You mention using grass fed animal products a lot in your dietary suggestions, referring to them as being healthy. While I agree it’s better than the corn fed product, it still doesn’t take away that these animals are being injected with loads of antibiotics and growth hormones; thus, being consumed by us. Healthy? Just curious on your thoughts about that. Thanks!

  • Steve

    I know absolutely nothing about coffee and I’ve never even tried it, but I want to give this a go for breakfast as I’m never hungry in the morning.

    Assuming Bulletproof Coffee comes as coffee beans in a bag, does that mean I would need to buy a coffee grinder as well as an Aeropress in order to make this?

  • in_waves

    Hey Kevin!

    I had my first cup of bulletproof coffee this morning and it was delicious! However, prior to taking my coffee “bulletproof”, I have been adding Lugol’s solution (iodine) to my morning brew as a general health tonic recommended by my naturopath. Is it okay to continue adding iodine to bulletproof coffee or will it mess up the formula? Also is it okay to add stevia extract to bulletproof coffee or should that be avoided? Thanks!

  • Elizabeth Barber

    I read in another blog post by you that you could do the same thing with tea but I can not find any directions for that. I assume the process would be the same, but is there a particular kind of tea you recommend?

    • Mike

      doesnt seem like there is any valid evidence to suggest MCT oil vs Coconut oil seeing as 100% coconut oil contains all 4 medium chain trigylcerides that are the make up of MCT, and coconut oil is the natural bases of MCT oil I would say you are better off using cocnut oil and not something manufactured by machines. I usually just use 2 cups of hand poured drip coffee, 1tsp of Kerrygold, 1 tsp of coconut oil, and blend it. It taste pretty good keeps me full before breakfast and keeps my fat to protien, carb ratio nice and high.
      Referencing your sources if everything when it comes to science.
      *Know Your Fats, by Mary Enig, Ph.D, Bethesda Press. p. 259

  • Nate Jones


    Does the added caloric intake of the coffee… 24 g/fat minimum cancel out the elevations in energy expenditure mediated by the MCT’s? I guess you just reduce your dietary fat for the rest of the day accordingly?

      • Nate Jones

        This is a little delayed but I thought I should share this. I tried bulletproof coffee for about a month because of this article. When I went for my yearly checkup my blood lipids were way up and the doctor advised me to stop drinking bulletproof coffee. I had also gained a little over 6 pounds!

        • Kevin Geary

          Blood lipids going up don’t really mean anything. What matters is the partical size and type and some of the ratios.

          Additionally, I would never recommend adding BP Coffee to a normal diet. The rest of your diet matters to what’s going on with you health-wise.

          • Nate Jones

            My LDL- which I’m told is unhealthy- is what went up by about 40. Why is adding bulletproof bad for a normal diet?

            I eat pretty healthy-paleo diet with no sugars, processed foods,etc. It’s not like I’m eating junk… I thought bulletproof would help me lose weight because of the fat burning properties?

          • Kevin Geary

            Right, the LDL total alone isn’t very helpful. You need to know the particle type and size.

            If you’re limiting sugar and processed foods, BP coffee shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you’re using high quality butter.

            Was your LDL marked as “high” or did it just go up? Did they do a particle analysis? Inflammation markers?

            BP Coffee doesn’t really have “fat burning properties” other than being satiating, diminishing hunger, and keeping blood sugar levels very stable.

          • Kevin Geary

            Most people drink it because they like it and like how it makes them feel. Some use it for intermittent fasting because it doesn’t promote insulin secretion. But it’s not a magic pill…it sounds like you expected it to be? There are no magic pills…

        • Nate Jones

          I expected it to assist my efforts in weight loss based off all the research you posted at the bottom of this article. I didn’t expect a magic pill… I have a sensible diet and figured this might help me 1% more. Instead I gained 6 lbs, I’m just confused as to why you would recommend bulletproof coffee at all if it doesn’t have positive effects. Not trying to be confrontational, just sharing my experience with others.

  • Ashton

    Hello! I just enjoyed my first cup of bulletproof coffee and actually purchased some grounds. I do try to avoid animal products and completely understand that undermines the point of the “bulletproof” effect. However, is there a problem with drinking it black? Will I receive any benefits?
    Thank you! 🙂

  • Paul johnson

    I am a coffee-holic, and just started my bulletproof regimen. Man, what a jumpstarter for your day! I am on a ketogenic diet as well, and in 8 days I have dropped 5.5 lbs. The only minor effect I noticed was a little diarrhea, but not bad. It has since resolved itself. You really dont need sweeteners – it tastes just like a 5.00 latte from Starbucks! I sometimes add a Tbsp of pure Whey protein to mine, which really gives me a nice kick. Good luck to everyone out there!

  • Stuart

    Great blog post Kevin.

    I have been following Dave’s Bulletproof Exec life since December and thought I would share my thoughts.

    Coffee wise I use a good single origin Organic ground coffee in a french press, grass fed butter and either Dave’s MCT, Brain Octane or simple Organic Coconut Oil. Recently I have found the MCT gives me stomach ache. I also add his Collagen Protein.

    What I have noticed is that in the first month my alertness went off the chart and this has diminished but I still feel energised.

    I have also followed his paleo diet on and off, finding that in general I lost 12 pounds in a month when strict and am now cheating 50% of the time and weight is normalised. More importantly though muscle definition and body fat seems to be down.

    I sometimes add honey to my coffee if I am not wanting Ketosis.

    What I live about this whole way of life is the flexibility to do what’s best for you.

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