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In April 2013, Kevin Geary took to the mic to spread the message of UnDieting and the principles of authentic health and fitness. The Rebooted Body Podcast was born.

Today, the Rebooted Body Podcast is one of the most respected and highly reviewed on podcasts in the alternative health and fitness genre. Enjoy.

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RB134: Overeating Solutions Part 1 (Dr. Glenn Livingston)

So this is a bit of a controversial episode. I’m going to play you the unedited audio from an interview that I did with Dr. Glenn Livingston about overeating. Prior to recording this interview I didn’t know anything about Dr. Livingston or his work. I was approached by his PR company or PR team about…

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RB133: Challenges Listeners Are Facing (Answering Emails)

I get hundreds of emails a day asking questions and reply personally to dozens of them. Unfortunately, nobody but the recipient of that email ever gets to see my answers. Instead of letting these great emails continue to evaporate into private corners of the interwebs, I’ll start pulling out a few and responding to them…

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RB131: 3 Reasons You Might Want to Ditch That Ketogenic Diet

I’m being inundated with emails about ketogenic diets. An article I wrote about a year ago on ketogenic eating has brought in 56,000 unique visitors since January of 2016. The Google Trends chart for ketogenic diets is at an all-time high. Based on all of this, I feel it’s time to do a PSA show…

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RB127: My Diet is Better Than Yours (Final Recap & Takeaways)

We’ve reached the conclusion of this series and are ready to give our final recap as well as some really important takeaways. The last 30 minutes or so of this episode are definitely a must listen for anyone who is interested in authentically getting a body and life you love. Enjoy! More About This Show…

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RB126: My Diet is Better Than Yours Recap (Ep5 & Ep6)

Kim and I are back with another recap of My Diet is Better Than Yours Ep5 and Ep6. First, we take a little pit stop and discuss some negative feedback we’ve received on this series. Of course, we’ve received a ton of positive feedback and people loving this series, but there’s a couple Negative Nancy’s we…

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RB125: My Diet is Better Than Yours Recap (Ep3 and Ep4)

Kim and I are back with another recap of My Diet is Better Than Yours Ep3 and Ep4. A lot of key developments have taken place in these two episodes. Not only is it highly entertaining, there’s a lot to learn. So join us for another hour of fun. Gabor Mate: When the Body Says No…

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