Overcome Sugar & Junk Food Cravings & Make Your Healthy Habits Feel Automatic

Thousands of men and women in over 35 countries around the world have used my powerful psychology-first approach to stop food cravings, develop healthy habits that stick, and free themselves from health and fitness obsession. Click the button below to take the first step.


“I love the work Kevin does and it’s changing my life. I hope more people find his podcast and programs and start working through their issues instead of buying into the fitness industry’s bullshit.”

Monika J.

“Fresh, unique, and solid! If you are ready to hear something completely different than what all the fitness magazines, trainers, and diet programs out there are saying, listen to this guy. You won’t regret it.”

Jessica P.

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Dive into the key concepts of overcoming cravings with a mind-body, psychology-first approach.

The Program

Conquering cravings, dependence, and metabolic dysfunction for good can happen in as little as 28 days with the right approach. Here it is…

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings

Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings is a 28-Day program that combines powerful behavior psychology principles with gentle, ultra-practical habit adjustments to free you from the grip of sugar once and for all.

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