Today we’ve got an awesome guest — Jim Kean, CEO of WellnessFX — on the show to talk about the #1 way to take complete control of your health and performance. Jim and his company are transforming health and wellness by giving us revolutionary tools to help us lose weight, feel great, and perform better than ever before.

This is such an important session because this is the first time that we have the power and freedom to truly make the invisible visible and take complete control of our health in a way that we’ve never had access to. This session could be summed up by the four words: health, wellness, freedom, and empowerment.

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Session Notes

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  • 2:42 Jim Kean Introduction
  • 6:00 The WellnessFX process
  • 11:55 Test and retest empowerment
  • 16:45 Get an advanced degree in how your body works
  • 20:00 The WellnessFX Dashboard Panels
  • 20:15 Cholesterol Panel
  • 23:00 Thyroid and Blood Sugar
  • 28:25 Liver and Kidney Health
  • 30:45 Nutrition, Electrolytes, and Vitamin D
  • 33:45 Systemic Inflammation
  • 39:45 Bending your aging curve
  • 43:30 Advanced Panels & optimizing your biology
  • 48:30 Problem solving — You are now your own detective
  • 50:00 Exercising your rights in health and wellness
  • 53:30 A challenge for listeners
  • 56:00 Fighting the government for health freedom
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