If you’re into actionable advice and content, this is a session for you. Kim and I discuss multiple facets of developing a mindset for long term success and we have a ton of fun in the process. And get ready to be tasked with two deep and meaningful projects that I hope you can find the bravery to tackle.

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  • Carrie Sawyer says:

    Hi, are you going to link to the blog post Kim wrote about the 2 exercises? I wanted to share them 🙂 I started looking around her site but didn’t see a quick or easy way to find them (even with search). Thanks!

  • Shannon says:

    This was the most encouraging podcast i’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Kevin, your podcast has become my favorite of all the podcasts to which i’m subscribed. I’ve gone back and listened to them all and now feel bereft because there aren’t more!
    Your direct, no-nonsense approach of delivering the information along with the psychology and the encouragement is going to take you to the top in this industry.
    If i were you, i wouldn’t worry about the length of the show because the info is so important. We can always listen as time allows. I also like the variety of the show, with you interspersing the interview format with your monologues. The podcast you did with take-aways from news broadcasts was highly entertaining and pointed out the ridiculous conflicting information we get from mainstream media.
    You are doing a great job!
    Thank you for doing this podcast!

    • Kevin Geary says:

      Shannon — thanks so much for your kind words and feedback. It’s very encouraging and uplifting. I’m glad you’re having as much fun as I am 😉

  • Ashley B. says:

    I just discovered your website last week and I know I’m way behind in listening to your
    podcasts, but I have to tell you how inspirational you have been for me. I can’t
    remember how I found your website, but I am soooo glad I did! I listen to your
    podcasts while I’m at work in my cubical surrounded by unhealthy co-workers and
    unhealthy habits. Even though I feel alone in my work environment, it’s nice to
    know I’m not alone in the world. Thank you so much! You have really opened my
    eyes to a whole new healthy life style that will benefit, not only myself, but
    my daughter. By the way, I am reading Wheat Belly, per your recommendation, and
    WOW! I can’t believe I have been living in the dark for 28 years! No big deal or whatever, but you pretty much saved my life. Hah! Thanks again for all that you do! I can’t wait to catch up and hear your current podcasts. Total Body Reboot = Ah-mazing!

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