Nell Stephenson joins me on the show to talk about how she got into Paleo and the current trend of fake Paleo that’s all about recreating SAD foods with technically approved ingredients. We also touch a bit on classical nutrition education, Veganism and sustainability, and Nell gives her top three action steps for making improvements in your health and body composition.

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  • Angela says:

    I’m always looking for new health/nutrition/real food-relaed podcasts and I was pretty excited when I found your podcast on Stitcher. Once I started listening to the episode with Nell Stephenson, it was a complete let down. Unfortunately I’m not trying to find perfect paleo or paleo nazi podcasts as that’s a complete turn off for me and for newbies. From the way the recipte from Julie’s website was disected to the host and Nell both sayig that salt is not paleo, it’s all over the top. We do not need more paleo police to talk down about things that other people choose to eat. Your guest is adamant that salt, ghee, coconut milk cured olives and meats, canned tomato paste and any “paleo treats” are not paleo. Please, we need to live in the real world.

    • Kevin Geary says:


      I’d encourage you to listen to more than just that session. I have guests on to give their point of view on things, not to give them their point of view on things.

      You can see in my previous episodes that I give my opinion and it’s not always in agreement with guests from other sessions.

      If you spend any time listening or reading on this site, you will quickly realize that I’m not a “nazi” about anything (well, except gluten maybe). If you judge an entire project by half a percent of its content, you’re probably going to come to the wrong conclusion. And that’s unfortunate.

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