Are you feeling stuck? Can’t cultivate enough motivation to get started? Stuck in a cycle of addiction or dependence? Fell of the wagon a ways back and having trouble climbing back on? This episode is for you!

I was inspired to record this episode by a study from Gold’s Gym that says October is the slowest month of the year for gym attendance. I started wondering why that would be and a few obvious reasons — excuses that even I’ve used in the past — made it quite clear. Is this a mindset issue? Is it a misunderstanding of what health and fitness is supposed to be?

Join me as I give you 15 very clear and actionable first steps (in the right direction) that will help snowball your motivation into something big enough to change your life.

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Today’s recommended book is Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. It’s the book that triggered my motivation after I had fallen of the wagon due to regressive rewarding after my great initial success. You can download this book absolutely free as a gift from

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