Each and every one of us has our own brand of awesomeness: special gifts and nuances that make us who we are and allow us to provide value to the world in ways nobody else possibly can (because they’re not us).

But there are vampires — both physical and emotional — that sink their teeth firmly in our neck and drain that awesomeness from us. If we allow these vampires to bite, we turn pale and weak and the world doesn’t get to experience the full breadth of our genius.

We also suffer personally. As these vampires gnaw at us they deplete our ability to fulfill our priorities. Our relationships suffer, our body composition becomes undesirable, and our health worsens.

Sometimes these monsters are obvious and sometimes they fly under the radar. Sometimes they’re found deep inside us and sometimes they’re external. They could be choices we make or choices we don’t make. They could be ways we view the world or ways we allow the world to view us.

It’s time to identify and address some of the most prevalent variations of these vampires so you can expel them from your life.

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