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Today, I want to present a concept that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately: changing your family tree with with the revolutionary thoughts and ideas that I’m dedicated to sharing. Thoughts about health, fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep, play, psychology, raising healthy children, relationships, and on and on.

I think one of the main issues here is that the subject is so expansive in my head and I haven’t quite found a good way to approach it so that it’s presented clearly and makes total sense.

But, I don’t want the general idea to just be a draft in Evernote anymore. I think by starting to talk about it, starting to write about it, and continuing to expand on it that I’ll eventually be able to package it up neatly. So, today is the start of that. Consider this an introduction.

PUSH — A revolutionary new fitness app that measures strength

In the second half this segment I’m joined by Rami Alhamad, the co-founder of PUSH, to talk about his revolutionary new health and fitness app (which has already surpassed its Indigogo funding goal of $80k).

Here’s the trailer for PUSH that I played on the show:


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