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Hormones control everything from fat loss to libido, and when they’re out of balance major problems can occur. Do you have trouble losing fat? Trouble sleeping? Low libido? There’s literally a laundry list of problems.

I’m so excited to welcome Dr. Lo on the show today. We spend a solid 45 minutes talking about thyroid function, testing, adrenals, leptin, insulin, melatonin, sleep, coffee, fat loss, hormones and food, stress, second shift workers, and much more.

This is truly an information-packed episode and I think you’ll get a TON out of it.

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  • whiteraven says:


    I read your website. I find it very disappointed that the podcast is for hearing people. What about adding transcripts for visual people? Please consider to add transcripts. I’m pretty sure that some hearing people would like to read the transcripts. I hope you will consider to add the transcripts in the near future.

    Thank you!

  • Judith Eshom says:

    I listened to this today and gained so much more of an understanding about hormone regulation and how they inter-react. I had my thyroid removed 10 yrs ago due to a goiter that was pre-cancerous…6 or 7 years later became autoimmune. Treated with prednisone and chemo for two years and suffered an adrenal crash (you never want to go there is is so debilitating). Bottom line, Improved plan in the last year or so, constantly learning from podcasts like these…love what Kevin brings to the air because it makes sense, touches on many topics and invites you to want to leárn more and make more changes. Thanks

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