This is such a PACKED episode. Denise Minger joins me to tell you how the food pyramid was blatantly manipulated, why a lot of health research is bogus, what’s wrong with the saturated fat-heart disease connection, why the China Study is patently false, and what we can all do to make animal consumption more healthy.

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  • I really enjoyed this conversation. Denise struck me as very even handed in her evaluations and laid out why she felt and though they way she did in a clear and easy to follow way. The information is always top notch and really makes me re-think a lot of the notions that I grew up with and have taken for granted. It is impressive to hear how much work Denise put into reaching her personal opinions on these topics and shows how we can all do so as well. Her dedication to reading and interpreting the research for herself can sound quite daunting but the obesity epidemic we are facing is positive proof on the importance of knowing why we hold the beliefs we hold and to always be willing to test them. If they are true they will stand the scrutiny. If they are then we should let them go. Great podcast as always.

  • Lawrence Mitchell says:

    I just listened to this podcast this morning. I found Denise’s insights very useful and will be reading her book at some point soon. Thanks Kevin for producing such great stuff. I first came across you on Amanda Cook’s podcast, so am working my way through some of your back catalogue!


    • Kevin Geary says:

      Thank you Lawrenece! If you haven’t left an iTunes review yet with your thoughts, I’d really appreciate that!

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