Chris Kresser and Nell Stephenson were recently featured on a segment on Dr. Oz to talk about The Paleo Diet and Chris’ new book, Your Personal Paleo Code.

Not long after the episode aired, Jimmy Moore publicly criticized the message that was presented, arguing against the emphasis placed on protein and lean meats and the exclusion of healthy animal fats.

A pretty big public debate started and ended up spilling over to Facebook. And while each person has some good points, I have a different take and a different message that I’d like to present — so that’s why this episode exists.

This episode includes the full Dr. Oz segment audio.

Join me in talking about what’s wrong with Dr. Oz, what’s wrong with “The Paleo Diet,” and how we can best change lives and spread the truth to the masses. I’d love to hear what you have to say — leave your comments below.

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