Sometimes I get tired of the monologue and interview format. Sorry, but I do. And when I get bored with it, I get a strong urge to sip some wine and just turn on the mic and talk with really cool people. 

So I emailed Justin Manning and Kaila Prins and said, “hey, how about we sit down on Sunday night and talk about all of the bullshit in the health and fitness industry?” They liked the idea so we recorded and that’s what you get to listen to today.

justin kaila

I’d list out all of the topics we tackle, but that would defeat the purpose of just winging an episode, wouldn’t it? Sorry, but you’ll just have to listen.

And I’ve gotta say, hopefully this is only part one because I had a lot of fun with this episode. If you’re thoroughly entertained, pissed off, or otherwise have something to say about this particular discussion we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Bumper Music: Old School Love – Lupe Fiasco

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