I recently got back from Austin Texas and the PaleoFX conference. Let me tell you — that was fun times! I met a bunch of new people who are going to be joining on the podcast in the future, I came away with a lot of new ideas, and overall I’m pumped up.

Let me also say that even though I’m not “Paleo,” the people in the Paleo community are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Truly wonderful people doing amazing work. I’ll definitely be going back next year.

Today, I want to mix things up a bit and give you another solo show with some actionable advice. If you want insider information on the top 15 mistakes people make when starting their Reboot, today’s show is for you. These aren’t 15 cliche mistakes. I dug deep and made sure that these are hard-hitting mistakes — stuff that will really help you see the big picture and change your journey should you apply the information.

Here’s the 15 mistakes:

  1. Expecting quick and easy results or believing that real food and functional exercise is the final answer and will work like magic (read: Real Food and Functional Exercise Are Not the Final Answer).
  2. Not having big enough whys and a clearly defined purpose.
  3. Bringing your obsessive dieting mindset with you.
  4. Perfectionism.
  5. Letting your friends and family voice their unsolicited advice and opinions (read: How to Deal with Friends and Family).
  6. Believing that the information is all you need (watch: The Success Triangle).
  7. Thinking you don’t need support.
  8. Second guessing yourself.
  9. Not getting your blood markers tested (WellnessFX).
  10. Neglecting sleep (REM Rehab).
  11. Not being vigilant and being a victim of circumstance.
  12. Letting your negative internal dialogue run rampant (Watch: Overcoming Negative Self-Talk).
  13. Neglecting to create margin in key areas of your life (Margin Workbook – Coming Soon).
  14. Refusing to acknowledge and leave behind a pattern of unfulfillment.
  15. Having an unrealistic or unhealthy view of failure (read: Advice On Overcoming Failure).

I talked a lot about my program, Total Body Reboot, in this episode. If you’re interested in joining us in the program and getting personalized, dedicated support throughout your Reboot, you can get information here.  

Bumper Music: MURS & 9th Wonder – Today and Tomorrow

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