In this fourth installment of the Mainstream Media Madness series, I go after four separate news segments. Topics include the Vibram FiveFingers controversy, the recent research about the legitimacy of gluten sensitivity, how to beat belly fat and get a better butt, and sunscreen myths.

I also add a little twist at the end by highlighting a segment that I feel deserves some recognition. It’s my attempt to add some positive vibes to this series and show that sometimes mainstream media does do the right thing (imagine that!).

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  • Candace says:

    Just listened to the podcast while on my morning walk — definitely entertaining. I find so much of media “information” to be maddening. It’s one of the reasons I do not watch the news anymore; my mom calls me with all the important stuff for me to be aware of. I agree with your stance on much of what you talk about. However, the today show/60-second get in shape segment, I understand your intense frustration but I tend to look at those types of information as a methedone clinic. Some people are so sick, so overweight, and have been lied to for so long that coming to your site is overwhelming and just “stop what you’re doing” isn’t an option. Weaning them off can have benefits to someone who is easily defeated. I have a good friend who is 300+ plus & when I talk about eating clean or functional movement, she has no compartment for it, mentally. And she is very intelligent. So I think introducing people to better alternatives is great for someone just starting out. But only on a temporary time constraint (and more diet-wise than fitness — that portion of the segment was idiotic at best). Just my two cents, my unprofessional two cents. Otherwise, great podcast, great information!

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