Hey, it’s the BIG 6-0! Episode 60. And it wouldn’t exist if you didn’t show up every week, download the episodes, listen, take action, spread the word to others, and leave iTunes reviews — I just want to thank you.

Today’s episode starts with talk about being an action taker and I play a voicemail that I received from a Total Body Reboot client who was originally on the fence about starting. He updates me on his progress and clearly shows what happens when people stop thinking about doing this stuff and start actually doing it!

After that, I play a great discussion between myself and Chris Stefanick from the Choice Conversations Podcast. We talk about a whole gang of stuff:

  • My personal journey
  • Basics of an official Reboot
  • Why a support driven course is way better than any book
  • The importance of individualization
  • Strategic supplementation
  • Why rules and meal plans are obsessive and disempowering
  • The basics of changing your relationship with food
  • The reason for my Chasing Greatness series and upcoming episodes
  • The Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic systems and digestion
  • Dealing with family, friends, and kids

 Hey, let’s stop talking and get started!

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