I’m late posting this because I’m on vacation and thought I had scheduled it before I left. I guess not — so I’m getting this out ASAP.

This episode is part of our audio blog series — an audio recording of a previously published essay on the Rebooted Body blog. We’re covering 8 animal based foods that you should be incorporating in your diet on a regular basis.

I originally wrote this article because I was fed up with “healthy eating” being synonymous with “fruits, vegetables, and ‘lean meats.'” The truth, it turns out, is that’s an extremely narrow and factually incorrect synopsis of healthy eating.

So, this isn’t a pro-carnivorous, anti-plant tirade. It’s simply a balancing of the understanding of what healthy eating is. I think that’s well explained in the intro, but I’m sure I’ll still get emails from our vegan and vegetarian friends.

Here’s the original article >> 8 Ridiculously Healthy Animal Based Foods That Will Make You Unstoppable

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