Today I’m talking with Dr. Ray McClanahan of NW Foot and Ankle in Portland, Oregon about the four perils of modern footwear, how our feet have been negatively affected, and how that contributes to back, hip, foot and knee problems.

Together, Ray and I look at the effects of running on the feet and body, the Vibram controversy and how modern footwear causes many of our modern day foot distortions.

Dr. McClanahan hits on the important topic of transitioning from the unnatural to the natural when it comes to footwear and how we change the anatomy of our feet over decades of shoe use.

Also covered is high heels, flip flops and going barefoot and what place these have in our daily lives. Be sure to visit the NW Foot and Ankle web site (linked below) for great articles and videos to help you transform your feet and change your life! 

4 Perils of Modern Foot Wear:

1) Toe Spread– avoid shoes with a tapering toe box. Look for shoes that allow you to spread your toes without the sock liner.

2) Toe Spring– the side profile of the shoe should not have the toe box lifted above the ball of the foot.

3) Heel Elevation– causes shortening of the calf muscles. Look for a shoe with a lower heel drop. 

4) Torsional Rigidity of the Sole- a shoe that does not bend or twist. Look for a shoe with flexibility. 

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