Today’s podcast is from Mind Body Musings with Madelyn Moon, creator of MoonFitness that I did with Maddy a little while ago. She is new to the podcast world but definitely has a passion for health and fitness that comes through. She is very entertaining!! Head over to Maddy’s site to check out some of her awesome podcasts and articles!

Together, we  talk about how yo-yo dieting can lead you to weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure- much like my story. We discuss intuitive and conscious eating to begin to change your relationship with food and working with your body rather than against it.  We also address how other parts of your life can disorder your eating habits and how breathing can affect your approach to eating. 

An introduction to the all important topic of leading children in a healthier way and how the majority of your personality is solidified between ages 0-5. This is something I am passionate about and believe should be a part of every family’s health journey. We look at how we are raised with sweets and food as a reward or comfort measure and how that creates sticky patterns in our adult lives. And finally, why you don’t need a gym to live a healthy lifestyle!!

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