In this audio blog version of the Rebooted Body podcast I present an article that originally appeared on the Rebooted Body blog called, “Explain Leaky Gut Syndrome Like I’m Five.” It’s a 101 introduction to leaky gut, also commonly referred to as intestinal permeability and it’s one of big reasons why there’s a lot of sick people, a lot of skin and energy issues, a lot of weight loss struggles, and so on. So this is definitely a helpful listen, gut health is super important. 

At the beginning, I review all of the stuff that we’ve recently launched at Rebooted Body, including Reboot Your Kids, Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings, and a new Primal Pacs Giveaway.

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  • AJ says:

    Love ya Kevin and what you are doing, but 15 mins of a 22 min podcast shouldn’t be just selling something.
    Title of podcast very misleading as you talked very little about it.
    This has become a pattern with you lately.
    I understand the podcast is a sales vehicle, but it is supposed to be more subtle.


    • Kevin Geary says:

      Hi AJ,

      This podcast contained four things:

      1. Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings (paid)
      2. Reboot Your Kids (free)
      3. Primal Pacs Giveaway (free)
      4. An audio recording of a blog article (free).

      So, I would disagree that 15 minutes was an ad. Most of the announcements have nothing to do with money.

      Consequently, the Tuesday podcasts are bonus podcasts, not my main show, so that’s where most announcements like this get placed. I have 60+ hours of free content in the podcast feed.

      People DO want to know about stuff that’s going on at Rebooted Body. They want to get in the giveaway. They want to learn more about rebooting their kids. They want to pay to heal their sugar addiction.

      So, I can’t win. There’s no way for me to please everyone. If you want the information without the announcements, it’s free on the blog. I don’t know what else to tell you.

      • Kevin Geary says:

        p.s. — If you have a suggestion for improving that’s actionable and I can practically implement where everyone gets their needs met, I will implement it immediately.

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