Todays podcast features Dr. Rodney Ford who is a pediatrician, food sensitivities expert, gastroenterologist and professional speaker and nutritionist. He is an expert on Celiac Disease, gluten sensitivity, gut health and so much more! He has over 30 years clinical experience and an awesome accent that makes listening to us talk about gut health and poop super entertaining! 
This is a great episode for parents and future parents or anyone who is interested in not having skin, gut or health issues. We talk about gluten syndrome, allergies, gut health in relation to kids (and adults). Dr. Ford suggests that dairy, egg, peanut and gluten are causing ailments like eczema, ADHD, tummy pains, loose stools and more.
We discuss the highly debated and contested allergy testing and how that works and if it is really true and effective. He suggests that the intake of gluten causes inflammation that makes you more susceptible to other food sensitivities which can also be reversed by taking gluten out of the diet. He advocates a gluten free diet for families even if they do not test positive for gluten sensitivities. 
We get even more in depth and discuss gut health and bacteria which are beneficial and how to promote proper bacteria amounts to keep gut health prime. Dr. Ford discusses the importance of  probiotic supplements and letting kids eat dirt! 
“What you buy and what you take home you will eat and drink.” Dr. Ford gives some tips for reducing sugar kids have access to:
-No soda, juice or any sweetened beverage. Children should be drinking water or milk
-No biscuits, donuts, cookies or sugar laden treats.
-Avoid gluten free products (cookies, crackers, bread).
-Be a nutritionist- avoid “fake” foods.
-Come together with other like-minded parents to support each other in changing your kids food intake.
I get to address some client questions about night terrors, stuttering and food allergies, FODMAPs and kids and biofilm. A big thank you to Dr. Ford for taking time to discuss this all important  group of topics with us! 

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