Ketogenic eating is being used to treat complex medical conditions like cancer and epilepsy. Today I talk with Jimmy Moore, author of Livin’ La Vida Low Carb, Cholsterol Clarity and Keto Clarity about the ins and outs of ketosis for more everyday uses such as overall health and fat loss.

Jimmy has a nifty acronym for remembering how to achieve ketosis:

  • K- Keep carbs low- find your personal carb level using a glucose monitor to test blood sugar
  • E- Eat more fat (Saturated and monounsaturated)
  • T- Test Ketones often (breath, blood and urine)
  • O- Overdoing protein is bad (Gluconeogenesis- conversion of protein to sugar in the liver)

Aside from discussing the benefits of ketosis and showing you how to experiment with it, we talk about some of the criticisms and flesh out the truth. If you want more information on getting started with a Ketogenic diet, check out this article I wrote on Ketosis for beginners. 

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