I know everyone is super busy with Labor Day weekend and back to school, but I hope you’ll set aside some time for this episode. I’m replaying an online presentation I gave called UnDieting 101. It’s about the principles of what I teach versus conventional approaches.

Even if you’ve followed my work for a while now, this presentation really helps put everything in perspective. It also gives you more insight into how Total Body Reboot works.

Lastly, this introduces you to how I teach on webinars in case you’re interested in attending a future webinar. I’m currently working on a new one called “3 Massive Mistakes You’re Making With Diet and Exercise That Spell Failure.” When that’s available for registration I’ll be sure to announce it.

Here’s the video of presentation in case you’re interested in re-watching and seeing the slides.

[hoops name=”wistia”]

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments. You can also leave general feedback on this episode there as well.

Mentioned on the show: Total Body Reboot


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