Madelyn Moon, from Mind Body Musings, is back on the show today to talk about positive body image and learning how to listen to your body, a hot topic in todays culture. Maddy’s big turning point happened when she started looking around at fellow competitors and realized that she was not happy criticizing and controlling her diet so strictly.

She realized that relationships and living life in a healthy way was more important than giving over to body control. It was great being able to talk to her about her conversion from veganism to a whole foods diet and giving up total control of her food intake.

She also shares her journey through disordered eating and obsessive training to doing what she loves to do (speaking of which, be sure to head over to the new #DWYLT site to see our new shirts that are available for pre-order!) and having a healthier relationship with food and exercise.

We also discuss incorporating healthy whole foods slowly to allow your system time to adjust and doing the same with exercise. I really hope this episode inspires you to consider your relationship with food and exercise and helps motivate you to make positive changes for life!

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