Arthur Haines runs Delta Institute of Natural History in Canton, Maine. He’s a brilliant researcher and has a lot of really helpful insights into human health, so I invited him on the show to compare and contrast the differences between how modern hunter gatherers (still alive) and post-agricultural humans raise children because there are a ton of differences.

What’s most critical to understand is that when these modern hunter gatherer children grow up, they don’t experience the physical health issues that we are facing in modern society, nor do they experience the psychological issues that we face.

If you’ve listened to me for any length of time you know that I’m not really interested in having one without the other: if you want to be “healthy,” that means physically healthy and psychologically healthy.

In part one, we’re going to cover:

  • A general overview of Arthur’s research and work versus something like the Paleo movement.
  • Huge differences in the strategy of raising very young children and the differences in outcomes that produces.
  • The role of cortisol and epigenetics in parental unresponsiveness to crying children.
  • The importance of physical closeness.
  • And more…

In part two, we’ll dive deeper into things like nutrition and education. 

I want to stress that this episode is important regardless of whether you have children or not. What you’ll learn in these two episodes with Arthur is that changing the landscape of human health requires us to look at a much larger picture than just food and exercise. 

If you ARE a parent, you’re going to get practical insights into changes you can start making now to produce better outcomes for yourself and your children.

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  • john says:


    I think your talk on hunter gathers was insightful. Those in power would not like us to go back to those days. They would not have power. So we should be aware that the experts will try and shoot these ideas down. We who believe in these ideas need to find like people and start practicing. Mother Nature is Supreme and when we start listening to her ways and rules we discover wisdom.

  • Darcy Howard says:

    This fine young man is a relative of my best friend. I watched the boy grow up and I’ve listened to my friend speak of him with awe and respect.
    He doesn’t just study this subject. He walks the walk and talks the talk every single day.
    I am so pleased to see him making an impact on the lives of so many people!
    Congratulations Arthur! You are amazing and I wish you and your young family all the best!

  • Hey Kevin, great podcast. I love how Arthur’s “ancestral lens” makes it so easy to cut through the fog and confusion surrounding these topics and land on insights and practices that aren’t simply “interesting ideas,” but have been proven to work over many generations. That perspective has helped me on my personal health quest immensely. I particularly enjoyed your discussion of epigenetics and the vital importance each (seemingly insignificant) action on our physical and mental development. The deeper I dive into these subjects, the more I realize just how far we’ve strayed from the trail of sanity, and I thank you for helping us peel back the layers of taboo and misconception and return to the simple (truly common sense) practices our ancestors understood, yet we have forgotten.

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