Kenton Whitman from ReWild University stopped by the show for a great conversation on the benefits of cold conditioning and introducing variance into your life.

Kenton’s work, through ReWild University is  all about helping human beings experience their own personal re-wilding, thus discovering the passion, curiosity, and abundant joy that is every human’s natural birthright.

He does one on one work, and in 2015 will begin working with groups to ReWild their life.

Kenton says; “By dissolving the barriers between ourselves and nature, we discover gifts that have been waiting for us all our lives.”

Our conversation on the show was all about cold conditioning and the psychological benefits it provides.

Cold conditioning can increase your metabolism and supercharge your immune function with as little as a two minute time investment each day.

We cover the difference between white and brown fat, and how cold conditioning enhances your ability to burn body fat.

I have taken on an 8 day cold conditioning experiment and challenge you to join me!

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