In this episode, I make a suggestion for your first big commitment of 2015: to NOT sign up for any Diets, cleanses, detoxes or “challenges.”

Why Not?

  1. They tend to be based on Calorie Restriction, which doesn’t work
  2. Most cleanses and detoxes are bullshit
  3. Restriction Mentality isn’t healthy
  4. There is no joy in dieting – success is impossible without joy
  5. Regimented exercise programs in a “Fitness Office” (aka Gym) is misery inducing
  6. Diets have an astronomical failure rate

Kevin’s 5 Practical Action Steps For Starting the Year Off Powerfully

  1. Download the free 1 page Complete Guide to Real Food
  2. Download the 30 Tips for the first 30 Days of Lifestyle Transformation Guide
  3. Walk 30 to 60 minutes per day
  4. Create a DWYLT List and then go have fun doing what you love today!
  5. Get a baseline blood panel done with WellnessFX

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