The Bullshit Team is back! In round three of our Health and Fitness Bullshit series, Kevin, Kaila, and Justin tackle:

  • The new GMO Non-Browning Apple
  • Cheap Store-Bought Herbal Supplements
  • The Blood Type Diet
  • The Alkaline Diet
  • A New Angle on Orthorexia
  • Fitness and Health Tracking
  • Cindarella’s Waist
  • The Concept of Net Carbs
  • A Macronutrient Myth
  • And more…

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  • Shawn says:

    Awesome podcast! Moments of brilliant humor, righteous wrath, and straight up common sense.

    Thank you to Kaila for talking about orthorexia, which I had not previously heard of. A light bulb went on for me during this discussion. Your description of your own disordered eating/exercising experiences rang true for me.

    I joined Total Body Reboot to heal my relationship with food. I actually found TBR when I did a google search on “how do I heal my relationship with food.” So, just thank you for mentioning it, describing your own experiences and giving me someone to relate to.

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