This may very well be the most important episode I’ve ever recorded. The health and fitness industry, the mainstream medical industry, and even “eating psychology experts” appear to have a gross misunderstanding of addiction. And this misunderstanding has led to destructive, finger-pointing advice that disempowers those who struggle with sugar addiction, food addiction, binge eating, and emotional eating.

In this episode I reveal the truth about addiction—especially food addiction—through media analysis, clips from Canadian physician and leading addiction expert, Gabor Mate, and my own personal experiences and insights gained from my own research as well as the work I’ve done with hundreds of men and women in over 30 countries around the world.

Here are some areas I explore in this important show:

  • Why do your struggles with emotional eating/binge eating/food addiction always center around processed, hyper-palatable foods? Why do you never binge on broccoli?
  • Why are you able to be successful with “healthy eating” for a short while but can’t manage to stay consistent?
  • Is there such a thing as “addictive foods?” It’s a saying we hear often, but is there any merit to it?
  • Is there any difference between an emotional eater and a heroin addict? Or an alcoholic? Or a shopping addict? (The answer might surprise you).
  • Who else in the health and fitness industry is addressing these concepts? Why is there radio silence when it comes to helping people identify and overcome the root cause of their issues in a way that will give them the tools to be successful for the rest of their life?

I’m also going to dismantle these common claims:

  • That “food addiction”, “binge eating,” or emotional eating is linked to or caused by specific foods.
  • That specific foods hijack your brain chemistry in a way that causes you to become addicted.
  • That food manufacturers are committing “food terrorism” by creating foods that get us addicted.
  • That finding a way to avoid these evil foods is a form of “empowering” yourself.
  • That fighting against food manufacturers is another expression of your “empowerment.”
  • That labeling your foods with warning signs is going to empower you…as if you’re just a lowly little helpless victim that just needs simple instructions in red ink to solve your eating challenges.
  • That having government come in, like your daddy or mommy, to create laws that protect you from killing yourself with food is empowering…or even effective for that matter.

I hope you get a lot out of this episode, but most importantly, I hope you do something with it. Put these insights to use in your life, get help if you need it, and share this episode with others who may find it valuable.

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