Getting a workout in at any time is better than nothing. But, there some surprising reasons why you might want make a morning workout a priority.

Most people’s work schedule forces them to workout in the morning or the evening. Based on the gym stats I was able to dig up, it looks like most people opt for the evening shift. They’re grabbing a workout between 4pm and 7pm.

Are you in that late workout group? Here’s three reasons why you might want to flip the script on your workout schedule.

Reason #1: Your physical, mental, and emotional resources are at their peak in the morning.

Exercising and engaging in other self-care habits requires physical, mental, and emotional (PME) resources. When you feel like you “just don’t have it in you” to exercise, that’s a sign that your PME resources have are too low.

PME resources work like a bank account. You start each day with full resources (assuming you got a great night of sleep). As you make your way through the day, those resources get spent.

It’s common to feel like you have nothing left toward the end of the day because our modern life is so stressful. This is especially true if you’re not refilling your cup often.

When your resources are too low, your brain turns off motivation. Getting fast food starts to sound a lot better than cooking a nutritious meal. Netflix sounds like a better option than working out.

Since consistency is so important to success, it’s best to invest your resources in yourself before you invest in anything else. When you exercise in the morning, there’s no chance of emptying your account before you get a workout in.

Reason #2: You get the benefits that come with working out in a fasted state.

There are real benefits that come from working out in a fasted state. I assume you won’t be fasting until your evening workout, though. So, an early workout is the only way to get the benefits.

What kind of benefits, you ask? Improved glucose tolerance, up to 9.7% improvement in VO2Max, a 50%+ increase in muscle glycogen storage, and faster recovery and increased muscle growth rate to name a few.

Reason #3: It’ll probably make you more productive.

All fitness and movement practices stimulate brain activity during and post-exercise. This is why people often find they think clearer and come up with better ideas when out on a long walk.

The effects of exercise can help you communicate better, make you more attentive, and make you less anxious. For some people, morning exercise can even replace caffeine.

Reason #4: It can help motivate healthy eating & self-care habits throughout the day.

Engaging in one self-care habit can help motivate the next self-care habit. That’s why I recommend getting a win in the bank as soon as possible after waking. It doesn’t matter whether that win is big or small. Of course, big wins are better.

Having a great morning workout is a big win! When that’s the first thing that happens, it sets the motivation and success snowball in motion. After a morning workout, you’re much more likely to choose a healthy breakfast. You want to keep the ball rolling.

Reason #5: You’ll have less to fit in at the end of the day.

For most people, the end of the day is already stressful enough. There’s rush hour traffic, children with lots of needs, dinner, bills to pay, things that “just came up,” and so on.

It’s important to engage in a daily fitness practice. That means you need to collect movement nutrition of some type, each day. The more often that movement has to wait until the evening, the more it’s likely to slip through the cracks. This is begging for inconsistency.

Missing a workout when you know you need one, or when you crave one, gives you an instant dose of stress and anxiety. Instead of doing something great for yourself, you’re now harming yourself with stress. You can avoid all this by putting yourself first. By getting your workout in sooner rather than later.

Has this list has convinced you to change up your workout timing at least a few days a week? If you’d like powerful information on how to craft a daily fitness practice that’s intrinsically motivated, effortlessly sustainable, and that doesn’t need willpower, discipline, or accountability partners, click here to get our free guide.

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