Let’s go back in time together about five years. I was in college, working third shift and eating what I thought were the right foods.

I was sleeping okay, my energy levels were below average and my happiness was at an all time low. No matter how I much I exercised and how many chicken breasts I consumed, nothing really changed.

I was stuck in the sorrow of my own emotions. I took my label, “depressed,” as almost something to be proud of. I had a label, and that label was more than other people had. I had a cop out and an excuse that I could use for almost anything.

If I didn’t want to go to a party, no big deal, I was just depressed. If I didn’t have a good time with my friends and family, that’s fine, I was just depressed.

Eventually I discovered that this mindset was keeping me away from my true potential. That ended up being far truer than I could ever imagine.

Maybe you’ve experienced a situation in the past or even today that sounds similar?

You’re on the path to health and happiness but you feel like you’re faking it or you feeling like you don’t deserve change.

I’m here to tell you that you do deserve change and your change is right on the horizon. But, we have to make sure that you’re not roadblocking yourself.

It may sound bizarre to you, but researchers have identified a true fear of happiness. In fact, fear of happiness was found to be the best indicator for depression, anxiety and stress in a study with 52 individuals.

Maybe you’ve felt like you’re living on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, isolated from the rest of the world because of your decision to make yourself happy and healthy. There’s nothing wrong with your choice, but society tends to poke and make fun of your efforts like this whole journey is a big joke. 

You’ve probably heard the following:

  • “Oh come on, just eat one cookie, it’s no big deal!”
  • “It’s funny how you’re trying to be all healthy these days!”
  • “Oh he/she can’t eat that, she’s on this “healthy kick!””
  • “Yeah he/she doesn’t enjoy life anymore, they’re on this diet right now. They’ll come back eventually.”

What kind of support is that? In the middle of an obesity epidemic, we still have energy vampires trying to prevent you from succeeding!

And people wonder why we prefer to look at our phones and stick to ourselves! We are lacking the social support group that we truly need!

You have to realize that fear is a natural human emotion. Fear of failing, fear of eating the wrong foods and binging on sugar…fear of being happy.

The truth is, these fears don’t belong in your life. They don’t serve you. It may sound difficult to remove your fears of success, happiness or failure, so instead of trying to rip these emotions from you I suggest the following:

Replace your fears with the following statements:

  • I deserve to be happy and healthy.
  • Even though I may still consume foods not good for me, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • With my health, I can chase my wildest dreams and accomplish even the most difficult of tasks.

Say these to yourself out loud right now. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe them at this point, just do it.

After going through this brief exercise, you may feel some sort of energy shift, one of the first signs of change.

You can feel it in your palms, your gut and your heart. The thought of success and the image of yourself as a healthier person in the mirror almost scares you.

For so long you’ve attached a particular personality type to your physique. It’s almost as if you’ve played the role of an actor or actress that has to fit the role of your body type. You act according to how you feel you should act.

If you feel out of shape, you feed that persona with thoughts of weakness, fatigue and worthlessness. Trust me, I’ve been there and I’ve done that. This doesn’t have to be a secret anymore. I encourage you to talk about this and allow yourself the freedom of these emotional weights on your spirit.

Don’t be afraid of happiness. It’s the first step to achieving anything you desire. Once the mind is the right place, you’ll send signals first to the gut, then to the heart. Your entire body and physiology will begin to shift in your favor. Everything will just seem to work better.

Truly accepting and deserving happiness and health may result in the following:

  • Digestive distress may fall to the wayside.
  • Energy levels may suddenly increase.
  • Random bouts of smiling will ensue.
  • Sleep will be easier and higher quality.
  • Laughter will become more frequent.
  • Breathing will be deepened and relaxed.
  • Muscle tension will be eased.

These are just some of the many results you may notice once your mindset is shifted towards one of success and confidence.

This isn’t a journey that happens overnight, but it’s something that can be improved right this second.

There will be days where the dark clouds of fear and failure hover overhead. It’s up to you to allow these clouds to rain and pour, flooding your emotional state with these thoughts. Or, you can encourage emotional sunshine to emanate from your mind, body and spirit.

What’s the best part about creating your own sunshine?

The rainbow.

It’s proof that rain, fear and doubt used to exist, but they were swept away with emotions of freedom, empowerment and success.

Make that rainbow!

Founder of Rebooted Body and host of The Rebooted Body Podcast. Kevin helps men and women finally get a body and life they love with his unique blend of real food, functional movement, and psychology. To work with him personally, choose a program.

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