My wife and I had our first child 10 months ago as of this writing — our beautiful daughter Noelle. We both agreed that we would shun the majority of advice offered by conventional wisdom and mainstream sources as they just don’t align with raising a happy, healthy, rebooted baby.

Childhood obesity, adult diseases finding their way to children’s bodies, kids with no mobility or agility, broken spirits, tiny minds programmed by television and electronic games, piss poor education maligned with government babysitting, and a continuing laundry list: that’s the definition of what it means to be a child in today’s world.

Not us. Not her.

Thus, I’m starting an entirely new wing of The Rebooted Body for parents who feel the same way we do. We’ll talk periodically about rebooting our babies and rebooting older children as well. Cool, huh?

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  • Maggie Lesoing says:

    Wow, that was a fantastic article! Thank you thank you thank you! I discovered your website 2 days ago, and I am SO thrilled by what I’m reading here. Have spent several years in continuous browse mode looking at various versions of paleo, caveman, lchf, and 4-hour diet plans, and feeling like I was onto something and it made sense but I just couldn’t seem to pull it all together well enough to make any permanent mental/physical changes. I picked up little bits here and there which I’ve been attempting to incorporate into daily life, sometimes successfully, always slowly, and then… I found It’s ALL here!

    Regarding this article I really want to thank you for these wise and what I consider common sense words that are just not so common these days. Nurse until baby is ready for food? YES! Give your child actual food instead of paste from a jar? YES! Take your baby with you when you go places? YES! (I am/was an attachment parent, maybe you can tell? 🙂 ) Parenting advice from a weight loss/health site? Love it!

    I’m eagerly soaking up the valuable information here, seeing if I can get all this to click and have my follow through. My husband and I have both allowed the pounds and listlessness to pile on over the years and with our boys now 16 and 19, we want to shake off the poor habits/choices and develop some healthy ones. Glad I found you!

    Best wishes always!

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