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MCT Oil Demystified: The Ultimate Guide to MCT Oil

MCT oil is hot right now. Everyone wants to know what it is, what it does, and where they can get some. Let's take a closer look at MCT oil and try to separate fact from fiction so you can use MCT oil properly without falling victim to some of the dogma. I first heard...

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You’re Not Selfish Enough to Be Successful

Okay, selfish isn't the right word. But I'm still right (as you'll see). Here's a better word: self-interested. See, you've been told your entire life not to be selfish and that has carried over into believing that you shouldn't be self-interested, either. But life...

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Why Starting a Health Journey is So Hard (& Scary)

Everyone wants a body and life they love. I don't think there are many people who would say, "no, I don't want that." The problem is that there's a big gap between where people are at and where they want to be. Maybe this is true for you. Here's what people see when...

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My Kids Are Like Magnets for Junk Food

When I started Rebooted Body back in 2013, I had one child. A very young child. Now I have three. Know what that means? Everywhere we go people are basically just throwing treats at them. It feels like my oldest daughter gets invited to a birthday party with cake and...

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My Personal Trainer Took a Swing at Me

A lot of people ask me about personal trainers. "Should I get one?" "How much do they cost?" That kind of stuff. First, I want to make it clear that trainers aren't necessary. Well, let me clarify: they shouldn't be necessary. You shouldn't have to rely on other...

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