Coffee lovers will tell you that a morning cup of joe can’t be described as anything less than glorious and magical. Diet Coke drinkers might talk about their aspartame sludge the same way. Others are busy getting high off energy drinks like Red Bull. 

These drinks are merely different flavoring options of the same drug: caffeine. And it’s perfectly fine. I’m not knocking caffeine. How could I? I’m drinking a warm cup of organic coffee as we speak.

But caffeine is only your friend if you don’t overdo it. In that way, it’s like a needy or high maintenance friend. Spend a little time together, but don’t let them get too close. You know what I mean?

Want to know how you can tell when it’s time to take a break? Here are three signs…

  1. Feeling like you need caffeine in the afternoon. If you notice that energy levels are dipping consistently in the afternoon and the first thing that comes to your mind is caffeine, it’s time to take a break. Getting on a caffeine roller coaster can lead to adrenal issues and severe dependence. Take a 30 day break.
  2. Feeling no physical effect from caffeine consumption. When you take a drug and don’t feel any type of effect, it’s a good sign that you’ve overdone it. You want to enjoy your coffee in the morning—you don’t want it to be a crutch. Take a 30 day break.
  3. Experiencing symptoms of adrenal fatigue or low thyroid function. Do you experience cold hands and feet? Low body temperature? Constant tiredness? Poor sleep? Weight gain? Inability to handle stress? Moderate to severe cravings for salty or sugary foods? A weakened immune system? These are all signs that your body needs as much rest and as little stress as possible. That means no drugs, especially stimulants. Take a 30 day break and then re-evaluate.

While I’m a fan of coffee, I’m not a fan of getting caffeine from other sources (except dark chocolate or tea). If you tend to use energy drinks or sodas of any kind, I highly recommend replacing those with water as a general rule. You can use this article to help you ditch caffeine. It’s written for soda drinkers, but it applies to any caffeinated drink.

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