Let’s go straight to the point and look at the best dietary plans that promote weight loss


Holly Rose a nutritionist with a specialty in weight loss program testifies the tremendous results of smoothies and juicing as part of your meal as a weight-loss participant. Although she says that juices lack the fiber which has essential nutrients; it’s highly recommended.

The smoothies, on the other hand, include blending of the entire fruit with all fibers and taking it as a meal. It helps to cleanse the body of any toxins. The toxins inhibit proper absorption allowing the accumulation of fat in the body- promoting weight gain.

Intermittent Fasting

This is a diet plan that not only aids in losing weight but also has other health benefits. Moreover, the diet involves a strategic eating plan which alternates between eating and fasting.

Religious people use it often for divine intervention but it works too in weight loss. The fasting period prolongs for up to 72 hours. You need to take precautions in case you have pre-existing health conditions before you engage in this dietary plan.

It is generally a healthy way of losing some kilograms for it limits the amount of calorie intake. Moreover, once you train your body with it, it’s not easy to get back to your old habit for the results are within a month. It not an easy journey but worth the effort.

Low Carb Intake

Among the three food categories- protein, vitamins and carbohydrates- carbohydrates contain more calories than the rest of the foods. You need to replace your carbohydrates with vitamins- fruits and vegetables- protein and fat. On your plate, let half the plate contain vitamins while the other half is divided between the carbs and proteins.

Plant-based Diet

The level of fat in plant foods is low compared to animal products. When you shift your meals to have more of the plant products then you are on the right track to shedding off some weight.

The main reason for this is the high-calorie content in animal food compared to plant foods. The excess calories are stored in the body as fat. Dairy products fall into the category of animal products. If you have to take them then let it be in moderation.

Low-fat Diet

Not all fats are unhealthy, we advocate for unsaturated fat found mostly in grains and whole meals. Saturated fat is detrimental to your weight loss journey. It’s mainly found in unprocessed foods and junk.

The main reason for this is the fact that its digestion takes time. Secondly, it’s not easily absorbed in the bloodstream. The worst of it all is the fact that it’s stored around the body organs as fat.

Lastly, it makes you full fast and also makes you feel hungry fast. This creates the urge to eat more than what the body requires- input and output food imbalance.

Plenty of Water, Fruits, and Vegetables

As simple as it sounds; this meal plan plays magic on body works and functions. Anyone anticipating losing weight must drink a lot of water to fill hydrated and full so as to eat less food.

Some of the drastic food plans you opt for in weight loss make you hungry fast. Water, fruits and vegetables replace the snack without adding more unnecessary calories that promote weight gain.

Just as said in the beginning, a strict diet is not the ultimate goal of that sexy body. You need a total lifestyle change which includes exercises and an active lifestyle. You can’t eat fruits and sit on the sofa all day.

Do anything within the home that makes you active. At work, avoid using the lifts instead climb the stairs. Park your car away from your office so as you walk to work.