After 26 Years of Sugar & Junk Food Abuse I Granted Myself a New Body & New Life.  Here’s How…

I remember drinking a TON of Coke as a kid.

Oh, and Mountain Dew.

Oh, and canned Lemonade (Country Time – not that fake Minute Maid nonsense).

We’re talking 7 years old here, by the way!

By 12 I was coming home from school to be comforted by two cans of Sprite delicately poured over crushed ice while I watched Saved by the Bell and Flipper.

In the Summer I’d spend hours playing video games, powered solely by that Mountain Dew addiction (and pizza).

If you want to have a sugar eating competition, let’s go. I’d wash down Jolly Ranchers with Coke and then snort a Pixie Stick, Wolf of Wall Street style.

Can you compete with that?

Look, I’m not bragging because I’m proud of my sugar, soda, and junk food consumption. It’s not like that – it did terrible, terrible things to my body and mind.

I just want you to know that when I teach you how to beat your sugar and junk food cravings, those insights aren’t coming from some higher-than-thou health guru who has never faced a real health challenge.

Full blown addict? Pre-Diabetic with high blood pressure and 60 pounds of excess body fat by my mid twenties? That was me!

But then 2009 happened.

That’s the year I went from 225+ pounds to 170 pounds, got rid of all my nagging health ailments, and granted myself a brand new body and life…

This relatively quick turnaround and my practically effortless ability to maintain the results, all started with 3 breakthroughs I had about sugar and junk food cravings.

These are the 3 breakthroughs I want to share with you today because once you embrace these three breakthroughs, a whole new world of success and hope is going to open up for you.

I know this for a fact because I’ve helped thousands of men and women in over 35 countries around the world accomplish the same thing now.

None of this is theory – it’s been thoroughly proven “in the trenches” of the real world.

And trust me, I know that not all cravings issues and eating issues begin in childhood or tie back to childhood.

We all have our own unique stories, but the breakthroughs I’m going to share with you will apply regardless so click the button below and let’s cover Breakthrough #1…

PS This first breakthrough is going to completely shatter a huge narrative that so many coaches, trainers, and programs try to get you to buy into and it’s going to give you a huge sense of relief and hope with regard to “life after cravings.”

Click here to join me in the first lesson.

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