Thinking about trying a detox diet for weight loss or “cleansing?” The only thing you’re going to cleanse is your wallet.

The story is very appealing. If you eat a specific combination of foods or supplements, your body will “detox” and get rid of all the bad stuff stored inside it.

This “secret recipe,” which always involves fancy drinks, pills, or supplements, is supposed to leave you with a clean slate.

One of the most popular detox diets for weight loss is “The Master Cleanse.” It instructs you to drink six to twelve glasses of a pretty nasty sounding concoction each day. This “lemonade” consists of maple syrup, lemon juice, water, and cayenne pepper.

Here’s what the marketing brochure says The Master Cleanse does:

  • Melts away and remove toxins and clogging that has accumulated inside your body.
  • Purifies your digestive system and kidneys.
  • Cleanses your cells and glands.
  • Eradicates all unused excess and crystallized salt in your joints.
  • Eases irritation and pressure in the arteries, blood vessels, and nerves.
  • Creates a clean blood stream.
  • Keeps the natural elasticity of your skin, thus helping you look younger beyond your years.

Let’s be clear. That entire list is bullshit. None of it is backed up with sound evidence.

That doesn’t mean you won’t feel the effects of doing something like this, though. No doubt, when you do these detoxes, you feel amazing. And it’s this feeling that confirms the power of the detox for so many people.

It must be working, right?

Do you want in on the secret? Do you want to know what’s really happening?

The “detox feeling” you get during these protocols comes from what you’re NOT eating anymore! It has little to do with these stupid concoctions.

When you follow the special detox, think about all the things you’re not putting in your body…

This gives your body a huge break. You’re no longer inundating it with toxins and other food items that are difficult to process.

And that’s the secret.

Your liver is what “detoxes” you. There’s nothing special about these drinks or protocols. If you focus on eating real food, cutting down on alcohol, getting more sleep, and moving your body in a healthy manner, your body would “detox” just the same.

Focusing on nourishing your body with real food does the same job of eliminating the harmful foods that overload your system, drive up inflammation, disrupt your gut, and destroy your health and energy levels.

A “detox” sounds great, but it’s not a sustainable approach. It doesn’t help you change your relationship with food. It doesn’t address sugar addiction or dependency. It doesn’t give you authentic, long-term tools for living a healthy lifestyle.

It does distract you from doing those things, though. And that’s really unfortunate. Everyone bounces from detox diet to cleanse to crash diet and back again. It’s madness. And the only weight you lose and keep off is the weight from your wallet emptying.

Do yourself and favor and stop paying attention to the tricks, gimmicks, and magic pills. Embrace core principles of human health.

When you do that you’ll you’ll experience a true detox diet for weight loss and health. Except, your results won’t be temporary.

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