I live in America, one of the wealthiest country’s on Earth. It’s astonishing that a high percentage of the population in this wealthy country are both obese and malnourished. They’re obese because they eat a bunch of garbage and malnourished for the same reason.

Our food is crap. And the reason our food is crap is because the free market hasn’t yet corrected for the problem. That’s not a knock on the free market, it’s a knock on the slow-to-stumble-on-the-truth-and-demand-better population.

If anything, it’s the fault of the government, what with their propaganda campaigns to teach children that whole grains should be the foundation of their food pyramid, pseudo science claiming Big Agriculture and Big Pharma are doing everything right and real food will kill you, subsidies to make crap ingredients cheap and all their ties to GMO and pesticide-loving lobbyists and corporations.

It turns out the free market works pretty much like this: supply product to meet demand > competition creates efficiency > efficiency seeks cheaper production to reduce cost > lots of options for consumers at low prices.

That’s perfectly fine until it isn’t. In the case of things like dentistry, food, pharmaceuticals and health care, reducing quality to increase efficiency is not desirable. The reduction in quality ingredients with regards to food has made us fat and sick (along with the misinformation perpetrated on us by the government, the health industry, and eventually our own parents).

But the market is easily corrected. It starts when the consumer rejects the poor quality and demands real, whole foods. When the demand for organic foods, quality ingredients, and quality sources reaches a tipping point, the market shifts to working to provide that by any means necessary.

Our job as consumers is to create that shift. And having the drive to create that shift starts with understanding where we’re at and how we’re going to get to where we want to go. That’s what this article hopes to drive home. We need to start a food revolution.

The top three most produced “foods” in the U.S. are corn, soybeans, and wheat.

If someone asked me: Hey Kevin, I really want to slowly kill myself, look like a dirty pig in the mirror, get cancer, have man boobs, and have no friends, what do you think I’d tell them to do?

Of course, I’d tell them to eat corn, soybeans, wheat, and all products made from those three ingredients. And to cover their last request, I’d tell them to play lots of Minecraft (or any game ending in “craft”) and talk about it relentlessly on Facebook.

This begs the question, why are the three worst food products for our health and wellbeing the top selling and most supplied food products? Good question. Probably because…

The U.S. food economy is based on three things: fast, cheap, and nonperishable.

Health is not the fourth factor in producing food in the United States. If it doesn’t fit the criteria of fast, cheap, and nonperishable it doesn’t get mass produced at low prices.

The fact is that it’s just easier to put a bunch of cows in a small house, feed them soy and corn to make them fat (anyone see the irony here?), pump them full of antibiotics so they can avoid getting sick in crap conditions, and then cut them up and ship them all over the place than it is to go through the trouble of letting them graze on non-GMO grass in open fields and slaughter them humanely.

All foods that are good for you are slow, expensive, and perishable. That’s in direct contradiction with what the market wants to provide. They’ll only provide slow, expensive, and perishable when it’s demanded.

And you’re confusing the hell out of everyone by buying the crap they ship to you.

Yes, it’s your fault. If we could go back to the beginning and have you see the entire market as a small butcher shop, it becomes crystal clear. You step up to the counter and order a ribeye. The butcher reaches in the case and pulls out this beautifully marbled piece of meat. You ask where he got the meat because you’re interested in getting the highest quality product. The butcher tells you all about how it came from this new factory that’s producing meat so cheap because of how they raise the cows on crap and pump them with chemicals…

…Here’s your chance. You’re the first person who has been offered this new meat product. What do you do?

You vote with your dollars.

Any sane, rational, intelligent human being would tell the butcher, I’m not buying that crap product. You can send it back to where it came from and call me when you’ve got a decent, healthy cut of meat available.

But that’s not what we do, is it? Tens of millions of us just blindly buy the crap they ship to us without a care in the world. We eat it, get fat, eat some more, get sick, spend a shit load of money on health care and then another shit load of money on diet books. And every time we buy their crap, we’re collectively voting for more of it.

In a free market, dollars represent the process of democracy. It’s about time we started voting for the stuff that’s going to make us leaner, healthier, and happier human beings.

The market doesn’t care either way. If you vote for crap they’ll give you crap and if you vote for quality they’ll give you quality. That’s the beauty of the system. If we put the government in charge they’d give us one choice and tell us to suck it up. And if we started a food revolution at that point they’d probably just shoot us.

The mainstream media won’t tell you the truth, even if they want to.

Are you pissed off that the media just goes along with whatever the mainstream says? Of course, the mainstream is controlled by Big Pharma, Big Agri, Big Government, and the rest so the media parrots what those swindlers want you to think.

But there are some journalists and even guests who know the truth. I heard a nutrition insider once say that she was not allowed to tell people the truth about what they eat on a mainstream media program (and was told this by people who work for that program who agree with what she had to say).

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. When she pressed them for a reason, they let her know plain and simple: our advertisers don’t agree with what you have to say and if you tell people the truth we’ll have a shit storm on our hands.

That brings us to the captain obvious lesson of the day: never trust an informant whose primary source of income comes from advertising other people’s products.

If General Mills is the main sponsor of a program that has a guest on who is talking about cereal killing kids, you can see where that might cause a problem for said show. This is the economics of why we’re all fat and sick. But again, it’s our fault. If we had rejected General Mills the day they tried to sell us their colorful sugar squares they wouldn’t be sponsoring mainstream media shows and suppressing the truth.

Health care and health insurance won’t be cheaper until we start needing less of it.

Are you pissed off that the government tells you exactly how to be fat and sick and then tries to take control of our healthcare system to make it cheaper? You should be.

The economics of quality food has a direct influence on the economics of health care. If what you eat makes you sick, and this happens on a scale of tens of millions of people, it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see that our crap food is making health care more expensive. Demand and price are positively correlated.

When we start needing less health care, the cost of care will drop and then the cost of insurance for that care will drop. The most effective way to need less health care is to stop making ourselves sick. The best way to stop making ourselves sick is to stop eating crap food.

This isn’t to say that the only reason health care is astronomically priced is because of our food choices, but it’s exponentially more important than most people realize.

You can pay the farmer or pay the doctor. It’s your choice.

One of the first things people always object to when you tell them they need to eat real food is the perceived cost. Second is the reduction in convenience.

I typically reply with, health care is expensive and cancer is inconvenient. 

You can either pay the farmer to provide you with food that won’t make you sick or you can pay the doctor to treat you for your illnesses after years of eating poison. And somewhere in the middle you might want to decide what the hell you want to look like when you take your clothes off.

People don’t take this seriously. And that’s why we have a diabetes, obesity, and heart disease epidemic. I’m not pulling stuff out of my ass here — we’re dying by the truck load.

We need a food revolution.

Step one: Accept that we have a huge problem on our hands.
Step two: Learn the truth.
Step three: Demand quality by voting with your dollars (buying quality food and withholding your money when the offering is sub par).
Step four: Spread the truth and the message to the masses (start with your own children).

It’s already starting. The grocery stores near me have 20% of the store dedicated to organic foods, fruits and vegetables. They’re stocking grass fed beef. They’re getting better quality eggs. They have Kerrygold butter. I saw raw milk organic cheese the other day. They’re getting the message, we just have to reach the tipping point where the paradigm flips and 80% of the store is dedicated to real food and 20% is crap left for the few people who are still obese and sick.

We can do this. We have to do this. Please share.

Founder of Rebooted Body and host of The Rebooted Body Podcast. Kevin helps men and women finally get a body and life they love with his unique blend of real food, functional movement, and psychology. To work with him personally, choose a program.

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