I still can’t believe I let it get that bad, but I did.

For close to 15 years I was a martial arts instructor. For about 8 of those years, I was a fat martial arts instructor.

And yes, I admit it, I was a fraud because of it.

Here I was, day after day, telling my students – children and adults alike – that they needed to take better care of themselves.

“You’ve gotta eat better.”

“You’ve gotta train more.”

But honestly, I had no business yapping at them about this stuff because I didn’t even have my own shit together.

I was 60+ pounds overweight.

Not just overweight, but out of shape.

I had high blood pressure. I was a borderline diabetic. And I was struggling with emotional eating and a raging sugar addiction.

I tried to hide the fact that I was getting winded while demonstrating basic techniques. In fact, I remember one private lesson where I had to apologize to a 42-year-old man (I was in my 20s) that I had to take a break from our sparring session because I was out of gas.

Do you understand how embarrassing that was?

Here’s the thing: It wasn’t all my fault, but I damn sure took 100% responsibility.

I tell people – and this isn’t a lie – that I dieted those 60 pounds onto myself. It was the classic yo-yo process of lose 10, gain 20. If you do that for long enough, you end up 60+ lbs overweight.

The reason I was yo-yoing was because I was following conventional advice – you know, the advice that fails like 95% of people?

“Eat less, move more, have discipline.”

Here’s the cliff notes…

I wasn’t eating enough (severe calorie restriction isn’t smart), I was eating the wrong kinds of foods (always a huge failure trigger), I was trying to do exercise that I absolutely hated (best way to murder your motivation), and I had an unaddressed issue with sugar (that’s always gonna cause problems).

Now, if you pour discipline into that recipe, all you cook up is a whole lot of pain, shame, and blame. And guilt. And fear. And…%&#!…it sucks so bad.

But there was another problem…

Even when I finally got all the right information, I still struggled to make things happen.

It was another few years (not weeks…not months… but years) of putting even more pieces of the puzzle together before things really started to click and I got my results to stick.

Those results, by the way, are what I got by ignoring conventional wisdom, and they came through a process that didn’t require willpower, discipline, gym memberships, micromanagement of my diet, or anything else the health and fitness industry insists that you “need” to be successful.

That was a decade ago and I maintain those results with zero emotional effort and zero dieting.

The bottom line is this…

Finally, I wasn’t fat anymore.

Finally, I didn’t feel like a fraud anymore.

Finally, I was free of the nagging health ailments.

Finally, I wasn’t dealing with the shame, guilt, and fear that had suppressed my experience of life so much.

Finally, finally, finally.

I want all those “finallys” to sink in with you because I truly felt like I was never going to crack the code on my weight issues and I was deathly afraid of getting diabetes and dealing with the complications of that like my grandfather did.

And then, it happened…

Nope, not another turn of “bad luck.” Not another “yo-yo” struggle – I told you I had cracked the code, remember?

What happened is that the parents and students who knew me started asking me for help. I had unknowingly inspired them to take action in their own lives.

They saw what I had accomplished and they wanted in on it.

That’s actually when the first seeds for Rebooted Body were planted, but there was no website. There was no podcast. There was just me…and them.

Those were the days…

I went from helping that first group of 16 people in a suburb outside of Atlanta to helping thousands of men and women in over 35 countries around the world.

Well, you know what they say, right? Everything comes full circle…

My online programs are great, but they’re group programs. They’re not one-on-one the way I was working with people in the beginning.

And lately…well…I’ve had the itch to work one-on-one again – to jump in the trenches and light a freakin’ fire under some people!

But only serious people.

Here’s what it’s going to look like…

1. I’m going to get your eating on point – but with zero conventional tactics.

You know me – I’m not going to tell you to eat like a rabbit and accept that hating your life is part of this process.

But, I’m not going to baby you either. You’re not where you need to be, so we’re going to do what needs to be done to actually get you to success.

I told you – I’m lighting a fire under you.

2. I’m going to get your fitness on point – but you’re going to love it.

Know this: I’m the man when it comes to healing and changing people’s relationship with exercise.

You’re not just going to get fit, you’re going to feel liberated and seriously motivated by the new outlook on movement and exercise that I’m going to cultivate inside you.

Some days I might ask you to invest an hour. Others, 10 minutes. It’s totally flexible and adaptable to your needs, your schedule, etc.

But, as with the eating stuff, I’m not going to baby you either. If my “that’s-a-weak-ass-excuse” radar goes off, I’m gonna serve you up some tough love.

3. I’m going to hit you with all my secret psychology sauce.

Have a sugar addiction? Emotional eating issue? Other life obstacles?

I get it.

Remember, I run the most powerful eating psychology program that I know of online. And I’m flippin’ fantastic at keeping people accountable.

Ever seen the Skittles commercial where the old man says, “It’s covered, Carol!?”

Well, it’s covered, Carol.

You want in? You want to finally get your %#@! together? You want a dedicated coach with a killer instinct for success?

Perfect. Fill out this application.

No more messing around. I know exactly how to get you to where you want to go and when I play one-on-one, it’s a wrap.

Founder of Rebooted Body
Aka the king of consistency. The monarch of motivation. The…okay, that’s enough.

P.S. This application isn’t going to fill itself out.

P.P.S. Since 2013, very few people have had the opportunity to work one-on-one with me. This is like unicorn territory.

P.P.P.S. I can only take a limited number of people for this, obviously, so don’t drag your feet.

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