This is not going to be a post where I talk about redefining what it means to be rich with some woo woo definition of happiness. No, this post is about exactly what it says it’s about: increasing your income.

Now that I’ve made that clear, I should also preface this by ensuring you that I’m not turning Total Body Reboot into some gimmick MLM scheme and trying to recruit you. There’s no hanky panky going on, so feel free to read and take this content at face value.

What I want this post to do is to shape your mindset — or at least begin to shape it — around the importance of healing emotional roadblocks, improving your body composition, and becoming objectively healthier and how those things affect your success with regard to your career path and financial freedom.

1) Roadblocks Over Here Are Often Roadblocks Over There

Make no mistake, the same psychological and emotional roadblocks that are sabotaging your success in health and fitness are likely dragging you down in other areas of your life. They certainly impact relationships, which are the foundation of career and financial success. They also affect your confidence, which impacts your ability to do your best work.

The emotional and psychicological issues around weight are often far heavier than the weight itself.

Part of Reboot is about healing and overcoming these psychological and emotional roadblocks. This alleviates that emotional weight and awakens you to a new world of opportunities thanks to your new state of mind.

This new you is free to do amazing work and with that amazing work comes greater career and financial success. This is not based on theory, but based on testimony from clients and from my own personal experience.

2) Focusing on Yourself Makes You More Valuable

There’s something about the way society is organized that causes people to feel like they have to do things for others; all of the time. We’re always serving and rarely taking any time for ourselves.

One of my favorite thought leaders in the leadership realm — Dr. Tim Elmore — has a Habitudes series that I used to use in my curriculum with my students as a teacher. One of these habitudes was the parable of the starving baker (ignore for a moment the fact that I’m using a baking analogy on a blog that advocates never walking into a bakery).

Imagine if you will. You visit a bakery not far from your home. It’s new. You know you’re going to love this place because they’ve hired a new baker who has recipes for breads, pastries, donuts, cakes and cinnamon rolls that are to die for.

Word has gotten out about this bakery. Crowds start forming lines each day, waiting for the new confections to come from this baker’s marvelous kitchen. After you purchase your cinnamon roll, you sit down to watch this baker in action—and you notice something right away. The baker doesn’t seem to have enough help. Everyday, he ends up trying to serve all the customers himself. He is scurrying back and forth, busy with all the requests of the people—but oblivious to what’s happening to him. His exhaustion is quickly becoming burn out. What’s worse, as you watch him for a few weeks, you see a change. This man is getting thin. Very thin. It almost seems like he is shriveling up. What’s the deal?

Suddenly, the problem becomes obvious to you. This man never stops to eat. The irony is, he is so busy serving bread to everyone else, he never stops to eat anything he serves. With food all around him, he is starving. Hmmm. Sound familiar?

It’s a lesson that always giving physically and emotionally and never taking time to recharge will make you less valuable to others. In terms of increasing your net worth, you need to constantly be recharged and Reboot is the ultimate recharge that — unlike other forms of recharging like taking a vacation — has permanent benefits.

3) More Confidence in the “New You” is Priceless

I talk a lot about what happens on the inside during a transformational program like Total Body Reboot, but there’s no mistaking the massive physical changes that occur as well. And those physical changes drive confidence through the roof.

You’re literally creating a new version of you. You’re mentally different, you’re physically different, and you’re even biologically different. That’s right, your genes actually change.

That’s important to understand. Who you are right now is not who you have to be in the future. Your genetic makeup gives you the ability to choose from multiple possible versions of your future self.

Watch the videos below to get a better understanding:

When I get testimonials from Total Body Reboot members, almost all of them include something about their increased confidence in themselves and an improved body image. They achieve those new physical and mental qualities.

So what is confidence worth? Well, here’s seven reasons increased confidence will make you more money. Not convinced? Here’s ten more.

4) Good Health is the Backbone of Productivity and Reliability

The United States loses almost 90 billion dollars a year in lost productivity due to chronic illness.

Being overweight or obese, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, depression, neck/back/leg pain, cancer, diabetes and heart attack were all considered chronic health conditions linked with the absenteeism.

That doesn’t even account for missed productivity from simple sickness like the cold and flu, which having a rebooted immune system helps protect you from.

And, worse still, is the fact that while “lost” productivity is often calculated for these studies, low quality productivity is never taken into account. Put up a Rebooted worker against the average American worker and you’ll see the difference in the quality of productivity: Rebooters report far more focus and clarity of thought and their ability to burn fat for fuel gives them crazy steady energy levels throughout the work day.

In The Rebooted Body Manifesto, I boldly state: “The food you eat shouldn’t just get you through the day, it should set your productivity on fire.”

That’s not an exaggeration. ANTI Foods rob your productivity because of their toxicity and inflammatory nature. Your immune system is constantly at work going to war with what you eat, which places a huge burden on your system.

On top of that, you’re likely not getting enough sleep and your exercise level — if you’re an average American — is either chronic or nonexistent.

When you reboot your body and mind you can go further, farther, faster. You can do so much more on a single charge. And when you take time to rest you recover faster.

5) Good Health is the Best Defense Against Rising Healthcare Costs

At the current rate of growth, healthcare spending in America will reach one fifth of the GDP by 2021. Medical bills are also the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States.

The financial burden of a SAD lifestyle is unmistakeable. And the path to financial freedom is just as clear: it’s more about controlling costs than increasing income.

You have the opportunity to remove yourself from that reality and avoid not only the physical and emotional pain that comes with chronic sickness, but the financial burden as well.

When all of this is taken into account, it’s clear that Total Body Reboot is not simply an expense that you’ll incur on the path to a better body and better mind; it’s an investment that directly impacts your future bottom line.

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