The first 30 days of Reboot are critical — getting to that thirty day mark gives you such confidence that you can finally change your health and eating for life, it’s a huge step toward getting your body converted to being a fat burning furnace and not a sugar loving disaster, and you get a glimpse of the healing that real food provides your body.

In this session I provide 30 effective and actionable success tips for the first 30 days of your lifestyle transformation. The goal is to make all of this talk about health and eating easier, to give you confidence, to give you a realistic outlook, and to give you a plan to WIN.


  • Tiltawhirlgirl says:

    This session is a keeper, keep it handy and listen again in your weak or doubtful moments…very inspiring! Some things I was already doing, some things will be easy to add in and some things will take practice…diligence in keeping them in focus amid moving forward. Thanks for these, Kevin!

    • Kevin Geary says:

      Glad you found it helpful!

      • Brad says:

        I used this podcast for inspiration last night. I play in a few bands and two of them played at a bar last night for a friends birthday party. I’m usually a social drinker and sometimes drink 6-10 beers on a typical night goin out or if I happen to be playing. The party started at 7 and went till 1am so I went goin in knowing it was gonna be tough to not drink a lot or even at all. Long story short I made it through the whole night til 2am only having 1 beer. Drank water with lemon all night. I’ve lost 20pds in the last month and didnt want to blow my progress. Thanks Kevin!

      • Kevin Geary says:

        Good stuff Brad! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  • Nicole Schmidt says:

    I listened to this while I was making some healthy meals in advance! It was great. It made me laugh and also helped me understand some of the rules in stage 1. Something in Kevin’s voice just convinces me I CAN do this! Thanks for the great message. I am going to make listening to these podcasts while I cook a new routine!

    If someone would have told me a few weeks ago that I would get excited about listening to a podcast about nutrition while I made some healthy meals using ORGANIC food, I wouldn’t believe them. It feels good to change 🙂

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