It doesn’t matter what program you’re on, how much weight you’ve lost, or how strong you’re getting — if you’re not following this #1 tip, you’re playing a guessing game.

There’s a revolution happening in health and fitness. Today, thanks to the power of the internet and forward-thinking people we can finally take full control of our body and our life.

This revolution is a gift to us. It’s a gift because we’ve never had the opportunities we have today to literally look inside ourselves, understand exactly what’s happening with our bodies, and track changes in relevant time.

Before now, health and fitness was a guessing game.

Here’s what most health and fitness “programs” won’t tell you: your body is different from my body and everyone else’s. What works for me might not completely work for you. This is why Total Body Reboot is designed to teach you how certain foods relate to you personally, how lifestyle factors relate to you personally, and what to experiment with and how to interpret the results so you can create a lifestyle around fit and healthy that works for you, personally.

Contrast that with every other program that says, “here, do this and this and in 30 days you’ll look just like my dehydrated, photoshopped self-portrait.”


But even with deep personalization and self-experimentation, this stuff is still somewhat of a guessing game. How do we know — in absolute terms — what’s working for our health and wellness?

We can see what’s working for us on the outside, but what about the inside? How do we know we’re achieving an optimal state of health, performance, mental function, and longevity? This goes beyond just being healthy and avoiding disease. How can we get a clear picture of where we’re at and then make changes that we know will directly impact how we feel and perform? And in the long term, how can we bend our aging curve to give us an optimal lifestyle heading into our golden years?

End the guessing game by making the invisible, visible.

The fact is that you can only improve you what you can measure. But, what you need to measure has been invisible to you, until now. Never before have you had access to the test-and-retest process outlined below:

  1. Get a clear picture of your current “bio markers” — the markers that directly impact your health, performance, mental function, emotional stability, stress, and overall wellness.
  2. Understand those markers in simple terms and discover what foods and activities change them — in essence, learn what levers to pull to optimize your body and life.
  3. Track your bio markers over time as you pull those levers, as easily as you would track your personal finance, and in the process get concrete evidence of what’s working and what’s not.


The revolution is here and we now have the power to end the guessing game. This is a gift to our generation that all of us should be taking advantage of and it’s my #1 tip for taking full control of your body and life.

This is the equalizer. There’s no need to trust scientists, “studies” about people who aren’t like you, and marketing slogans. It’s as simple as recording your baseline bio markers, making the changes to diet and lifestyle that make sense to you, and then retesting to see if it actually works.

And once you know a program is working for you, you’ll have even more information about yourself to drill down and optimize your body and life because you’ll have concrete evidence about what needs attention and what is already optimal. It’s health and fitness efficiency as its finest.

Freedom and Liberty in Health and Fitness

Why haven’t you had access to this information before now?

For starters, most people don’t even know what to look for or ask for. Do you really know how extensive testing can be for thyroid function for instance?

The government, doctors, and lobbyists didn’t want you to have this information for yourself. They created laws against requesting this information, forcing you to go through doctors who hate running these extensive tests or insist you don’t need it.

The first part of this revolution is that we now have access to this stuff; the second part of the revolution is that we have the freedom to access it on demand and track it effortlessly. Knowing your body and the state of your health is your human right and now you can exercise that right.

Join the revolution and take full control of your body and life.

Taking advantage of this tip and joining the revolution in health and fitness is dead simple thanks to Jim Kean and WellnessFX. Jim is the CEO of WellnessFX and I recently had him as a guest on The Rebooted Body podcast to talk about all of this stuff and the process of getting started. If you have time, I highly recommend you listen to that session. The video below will help you as well:

WellnessFX provides the infrastructure for making all of this happen. Here’s the process: you sign up (free right now) at WellnessFX and they’ll schedule you to get blood drawn at a local draw site and instructions for the lab. In a few days, WellnessFX will have your results in an online dashboard that tells you about your body in language that anyone can understand.

If you want, you can order more advanced testing to really drill down and see what’s going on. WellnessFX also has a staff of doctors, nutritionists, and performance consultants on hand to help you better interpret your results if you have specific questions. Between WellnessFX and your program coach you have a team of people dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and performance.

Want to feel empowered? I personally don’t know of a better way. Yes it costs money. Yes, it’s worth it. If you have any questions about the process feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll have someone from WellnessFX come by to post some answers.

UPDATE 2015…

We now offer in-house testing and results consultations for members inside our Academy programs for less than the cost of WellnessFX.

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