I’ve successfully rebooted my body and I’m in the process of working with dozens of individuals through personal group coaching to teach them how to do the same. When deciding on an article topic to launch this important blog, I came to the same conclusion I made when designing my personal group coaching program: before we begin, I have to let you off the hook.

If you’re overweight, out of shape and feeling like the unidentified substance dripping down the side of a city dumpster it’s not your fault. Stop the self-loathing — it’s neither justified nor productive.

The fact is that the world around you is broken in a serious way. The mainstream is mostly devoid of substance. It’s even possible to argue that the human species has begun de-evolving.

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You were duped from birth.

Your metabolic downfall started when you first exited the womb if your parents supplemented your feeding with formula corn syrup solids and sugar. If you were lucky enough to avoid that, it most certainly started when you were 6 months old with your parents feeding you baby cereal highly processed grains, sugar, and synthetic vitamins.

Your brain and body were forced to develop in a metabolic war zone as you grew up eating mainstream foods, shopping at mainstream stores and eating food that came with cool toys or in cute boxes.

Later on, when your parents enrolled you in school, your administrators failed you too. Your parents fed you synthetic vitamins and sugar for breakfast and your school fed you sugar and processed food products for lunch. Then they stuck you in a desk. If you were lucky enough to have a body that could better handle the garbage you were being fed, you evaded being diagnosed with a focus disorder and medicated into mental zombie-hood.

You were raised to think this was all normal. And while it’s hard to accept that your parents led you astray, it’s part of your story. It’s something you have to accept if you want to overcome the disaster you’ve been handed. And the faster you accept it the faster you can get angry about it.

Get angry about the epidemic of childhood obesity, an epidemic completely caused by mainstream society. Get angry about the completely preventable epidemic of heart disease. Get angry about our unnecessary reliance on pharmaceutical drugs. Get angry about the attack on your personal liberty.

And then you were duped some more.

Yes, your parents duped you. Not on purpose, they were duped too. Your parents were just following the FDA recommended guidelines. They were buying boxes with American Heart Association labels on them. They were doing what they were told was best for you.

The New York Times and mainstream media bought into all the government-funded hype as well. They told you how bad eggs were for you because of the cholesterol and they demonized saturated fat. They pushed the bogus lipid hypothesis which made the statin industry wealthy while leaving Americans health-poor. It’s the calories stupid! All lies.

You’ve been trying all this time to find answers to why you’re overweight, out of shape, and feeling like shit and you continue to be led astray. The bogus information has taken root so strongly that professional trainers have television shows you trust that are filled with the same lies (The Bogus Loser). They’ve written so many books that you’re bound to pick up the wrong one when you go searching for answers at Barnes and Noble or the local library.

They demonize the good and promote the bad. They chain you to a cycle of weight loss and weight gain. They’ve created a vibrant and unnecessary multi billion dollar gym industry to “help you.” And when you fail, it’s all your fault. You can’t put the fork down. You have no discipline. You’re just not good enough.

In fact, they might even tax you for not following their misguidelines.

Your friends don’t help, because they don’t know better either.

Let’s say you start to get on track by shunning the mainstream and looking for the facts elsewhere. Prepare to be contested. Your friends — and that pesky family that led you astray in the first place — are bound to take issue with your new lifestyle.

They’ll repeat all the same lies to you and tell you that what you’re doing is crazy. They’ll continue to try and feed you mainstream foods. They’ll tell you that everything you’re doing is wrong, possibly going as far as telling you that you’re going to die early.

Come back to the dark side, they plead. It’ll all be better if you just have more discipline — or if you make the excuse that “everyone dies some day.”

It’s no wonder why 99% of the world fails at this stuff. The world has created a culture where failure is not just the norm, but the desired outcome. You weren’t just duped from the start, you were doomed from the start.

It’s time for you to join the 1%.

The good news is that you can reboot.

I started this blog because I want you to know that the software that was installed in you by your parents, society and the government is defective. I also want you to know that it’s possible to reformat your brain and your body and reboot with new software that gives you a brand new body and mind — a whole new lifestyle that is permanently sustainable.

It’s not your fault and never has been. It’s time to replace self-loathing with liberation. And when you complete your reboot, you can take pride in the fact that you found the answers. You made the change. And you did it all not with their help, but in spite of their defiance. In spite of their lies. In spite of their misguided plan for you.

And when we talked earlier about how you were set on the wrong path from birth, did a light bulb go off in your head about the possibility that when you finally find the truth that you can use that truth to change your family tree? You have the potential to end the madness in your family going forward, starting with your own children.

From this point on, you’re finished with fad dieting. You’re finished accepting falsehoods about how your body works with regard to food and exercise. You’re finished with being fat and sick. Today, you’re embarking on a new journey. It’s time to reprogram and reboot.

And we’re not doing all of this work in the hopes that we’ll live 10 years longer. We’re doing all this work because we want to finally be able to maximize the performance our body is supposed to give us. We’re doing the hard work because we want to retain our autonomy in old age. It’s not about how long we live, but how long we can continue to enjoy life. How much energy can I give my children? How long can I continue to do the work that I love? How long can I continue to be physically active, to travel, to be independent? Those are the reasons we’re rebooting.

Are you with me?


  • Ryan Calpito says:

    Aloha, My name is Ryan from a Maui, Hawaii and I’ve stumbled apon this your amazing website and I’d like to say that i believe in this movement and i support it 100%. Before this website my lifestyle is similar to this. I consider myself a healthy person with a very strong mind and i believe im part of the 1% even though Im living in this very stressful environment I’ve mange to keep my body and mind healthy, naturally. I do it all with a very strong, positive, committed, determined and open minded mind set.

    I believe in “The rebooted Body” because the rebooted body is my lifestyle and id like more info and advice to onto becoming a better person phisicaly and mentally.

    I wanna help you spread our beliefs to the future generations and help them realize its them themselves who need to stand up and make the change its them themselves who’s keeping them from there own goal. I wanna open the eyes of many to not only become better people physically but in every way possible.

    Thank you for this inspiring and motivational website. Now ill push myself even way harder to get the correct ways out to the future generation. It’s ashamed to see the next generation to be setup for failure we all have so much potential to accomplished great positive things its just up to us to go for it.

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