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The Quick Version.

In 2013, I founded Rebooted Body with the core mission of changing the landscape of human health. The goal was to accomplish that in three ways:

One /
Inspire & educate men and women all over the world through articles, podcasts, videos, email, and social channels.

Two //
Provide powerful online programs and coaching to those who are serious about getting and keeping a body and life they love.

Three ///
Fundamentally transform the health and fitness industry by influencing and leading other health and fitness professionals.

That mission is being accomplished….

We are reaching hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month. The podcast is closing in on a million downloads and 250 five-star reviews. We have put thousands of men and women in over 35 countries around the world through our online programs.

I’m becoming more and more sought-after as a coach, as a guest on other podcasts, as a speaker at conferences, and more.

Rebooted Body is not a hobby, it’s a global movement. And it’s a lighthouse for those who are sick and tired of the nonsense the health and fitness industry has been spewing for decades.

Taking on the Health & Fitness Industry.

I’ve been a long-time critic of the “asleep at the wheel” health, fitness, and dieting industry. What they’ve done to men and women all over the world, with their superficial focus on quick-fix diets, crazy fitness practices, and perfect bodies, is a travesty.

My bone-crushing, fire-breathing, Godzilla-like journey across the landscape of this silly circus is taking its toll on the old-guard. We’re crushing establishment skyscrapers like Weight Watchers and the USDA. We’re slaughtering sacred cows like calorie counting, tracking and weighing, willpower & discipline, no-pain-no-gain fitness, and more.

Let me be clear: the industry will not survive me, my team, or my tribe. We’re growing more powerful every single day. There are no longer any gate-keepers to silence our voice.

If you like playing on the winning team, join our movement.

A New Blueprint.

We’re not just going to tear down the existing health and fitness industry. This movement is about building something new.

Everything we’re doing with Rebooted Body is the blueprint we advocate for. At the core, it’s about identifying and taking action on root causes. It’s about playing the long-game with sustainable, authentic health and movement practices.

It’s also about building relationships. Treating individual human beings like individual human beings. Empathizing with people’s stories and leading them from that place rather than trying to shame, guilt, and fear them into success.

Dogma, rules & restriction, moralization, and all of the other toxic characteristics of the dieting industry have no place here.

Sound-good bullshit in pretty packaging, quick-fixes, magic pills, special potions from far away lands, one-size-fits-all “solutions,” empty promises, manipulated photography—it all goes in the dumpster. Set it on fire.

The new industry will be built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and pure intentions. It’s going to be an industry we can all finally be proud of with outcomes we can be proud of.

My Story (Chapter 1).

The right information.

content_meIn mid 2009 I was sitting in a doctors office, reluctantly following through with getting a physical that my wife scheduled for me.

At the time I was 220 pounds and I co-owned a martial arts studio. I was also the head coach of a national Olympic Taekwondo competition team.

Two years before I had dieted down to 190 pounds. Nothing fancy, just conventional restriction, excessive exercise—you know the drill.

Of course, it didn’t work. I crashed and burned in a fiery binge that saw my weight skyrocket to new heights. And that concerned my wife, who promptly told me to get a physical as I hadn’t had one in all the time she knew me.

I’m not the go-to-the-doctor type.

They drew blood, took my vitals, did all the typical stuff. My blood pressure was high. A few days later they called and said my cholesterol was high and I was a borderline diabetic and that I might want to consider making some changes.

The problem was, I didn’t know what changes to make. I had dieted *up* to 220 pounds. I thought nutrition meant, “eat whatever you want, just less of it.” I knew the exercise I had done in the past was unsustainable. And the doctor—the guy with the white coat and all the letters after his name—wasn’t helping. He fed me the same old “eat less, exercise more” nonsense.

Thanks, doc.

So I started researching. Feverishly searching for someone who was saying something different. I rejected everything that I had already heard about eating and exercise. I wanted a new perspective.

That’s when I came across the real food movement. I remember the line that lingered in my head most because it made perfect sense. “Eat stuff that was previously alive.” So that’s what I started doing.

Now, mind you, I grew up on processed food. I *hated* fruits and vegetables. I was a full blown sugar addict. And when it came to cooking, I was less Martha Stewart and more Martha Microwave. Committing to eating things that were previously alive was easier said than done.

When it came to cooking, I was less Martha Stewart and more Martha Microwave.

Have you ever heard someone say, “if I can do it, you can do it?” That’s truly my story.

But here I am today. 170ish pounds. Normal blood pressure. Normal blood sugar. A body and life that I love.

But it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t a straight line from point A to point B. I was doing a lot of guessing and experimenting. There was a lot of failure and wasted time because I didn’t have a complete understanding of the challenges I faced…

My Story (Chapter 2).

Half of a solution.

kevin-noshirtPart 1 of my story is not as important as part 2.

What’s important about my 2009 journey from 220 pounds to 165 pounds is that I failed miserably at about the half-way mark (when I had lost about 30 pounds). That’s what I want to tell you about because it’s a *huge* lesson.

Just to recap, prior to 2009 I had followed all of the conventional dieting advice. I cut calories, did a lot of cardio exercise, avoided fat, and so on.

That advice put me on a yo-yo cycle. Every time I would lose 10 pounds, I’d gain 15 or 20. I dieted up to 220 pounds.

What changed in 2009? That’s when I ditched all the dieting dogma and started applying authentic practices of real food nutrition and functional fitness.

I saw a ton of success, dropping 30 pounds rather quickly. But, that’s when I got derailed again.

I remember thinking to myself, “I must be the only human being on planet Earth who can have all the right information about what to eat, how to move, and how to live…and *still* fail.

See, in the past I had been derailed for one very clear reason: I was following destructive, unsustainable advice. I fixed that, though. So what was the problem now? What was causing yet another round of “falling off the wagon?”

I remember thinking to myself, “I must be the only human being on planet Earth who can have all the right information about what to eat, how to move, and how to live…and *still* fail.

It was this continued struggle that led me to the realization that I had a dysfunctional relationship with food, body, and self. I was an emotional eater. In other words, food was more to me than nourishment and simple enjoyment. To put it simply, food was medication.

I set out in search of a solution for this, but I also began a major life transition at this point as well. Thinking that all other people needed was the right information about food, fitness, and lifestyle, I started helping other people begin to make shifts in their eating, fitness, and lifestyle habits.

That, my friends, is what caused very important lightbulbs to start flickering…

My Story (Chapter 3).

A serious revelation.

noelle_with_dadBefore starting Rebooted Body in 2013, I was doing one-on-one and group coaching in Atlanta, GA. I didn’t know at the time that I would end up doing this full-time or taking on the mission of changing the landscape of human health. I was basically responding to the needs and requests of people who knew about my journey and asked for help.

Leading others is how I came to discover the reality of health and fitness in the modern world—that I’m not the only person who can have all of the right information and still fail.

It turns out that *a lot* of people are struggling with what I now refer to as a dysfunctional relationship with food, body, and Self.

Not feeling alone anymore was a breath of fresh air. It was also confusing, because I started thinking about at all the advice I had followed in the past and all the “experts” I had listened to.

I was shocked that this was the first time I was finding out about this issue. I felt like a victim of negligence. I had read so many books, done so many programs, and been to so many gyms and not a single fucking one of those “leaders” ever said, “You know, food and fitness isn’t everything!”

I still didn’t know the extent of this problem, though. Perhaps the people I was working with in Atlanta were a skewed sample. Perhaps this wasn’t a problem throughout the rest of the world?

Wishful thinking.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that this problem was a lot bigger than  I had ever imagined. Launching in 2013 led to attracting men and women from all over the world. I started taking on clients from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Brazil, and more. I’ve currently worked with people in over 35 countries around the world.

I felt like a victim of negligence. I had read so many books, done so many programs, and been to so many gyms and not a single fucking one of those “leaders” ever said, “You know, food and fitness isn’t everything!”

I also put tens of thousands of people through evaluations for “dieting dogma” and emotional eating. What I’m finding is that around 82% of men and women on this planet have a dysfunctional relationship with food, body, and Self. That means that 82% of people *will not* be successful long-term just from implementing good advice about food, fitness, and lifestyle habits.

At this point I realized the full extent of the health and fitness industry’s negligence. There’s a massive gap that they’re failing to address! Most people won’t be successful simply by getting advice about diet and fitness and literally *all* the industry cares about is selling more diet and fitness products.

That pisses me off. Does it piss you off, too?

So the main focus at Rebooted Body has been on filling that gap for people. I’ve made eating psychology my specialization. I’ve placed almost all of my attention and coaching development there. I’ve spent years diving deep into the hearts and minds of the countless men and women around the world who have failed countless times. Our flagship program is 100% based on solving this issue for struggling men and women.

And that, friend, is how we arrived at where we are today.


Kevin speaks truth unaplogetically and crafts his talks with immense passion. His content is entertaining, motivational, thought-provoking, practical, and life-changing. He leaves audiences with plenty to think about, enough to implement, and even more to look forward to.

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