One of my Total Body Reboot clients was telling me about the struggle they have with deciding whether or not to eat something that doesn’t align with their goals. They talked about making excuses like, “I’ll just have one” or outright lies such as, “it won’t even taste good so I can skip it.”

These statements may seem harmless, but they’re one of the biggest saboteurs of developing lifelong healthy eating habits. They’re born out of a disordered relationship with food.

Mastering your internal dialog is one of the first steps to healing disordered eating and the best way to do that is to follow the policy, “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

This is important because the truth puts you in control. Lies keep you trapped in a perpetual state of conflict with food (or exercise, or whatever). You can start healing by simply converting the lies to truths.

“I’ll just have one” converts to, “I don’t have a good track record for eating just one. Eating one is a gateway to eating all of them.” 

“It won’t even taste good” converts to, “This would most certainly be delicious, but it undermines the goals I’ve set for myself and my goals are more important than what this food offers me at this time.”

Notice a few things:

First, there is no “good/bad” mindset. We’re not labeling foods. It’s not “bad” to eat cookies and eating cookies isn’t a “bad decision.” There are cookies and you’re free to eat them. Now, make sure your inner dialog is telling the truth about the situation and allow yourself to reach a decision through that truth.

Second, you’ll notice that the truth often competes for you instead of against you. By engaging in an “I’ll just eat one” mindset, you’re excusing the truth from applying. “This doesn’t align with my goals” is no longer a statement that can help you because your lie has minimized it and rendered it powerless. By telling yourself the truth — “I never eat just one” — you remain in control of the behavior and can accept the full outcome for whatever decision you make.

Empower yourself by refusing to lie to yourself. Master your internal dialog. Follow the policy, “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

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