Have you heard the advice, “everything in moderation?”

Of course you have. And if you’re like most people, you’ve tried to follow it…right off the edge of a cliff (eventually).

There’s a lot of reasons why moderation works for some people and not others, but the main reason is this: moderation is the prize you win, it’s not the weapon you wield.

In other words, moderation is not a tool you useModeration is an ability that you either have or don’t have (yet).

A hammer is a wonderful tool, but you can’t build anything with that hammer unless you have construction ability.

You gain the ability to build things by learning specific skills, by working-with and watching others, and by gaining insight and experience through the process of doing the work.

Moderation with eating works the same way.

In order to gain the ability to moderate, you must do the work to figure out why your intention to moderate has failed to line up with your behavior in the past. 

What physical and psychological triggers are manipulating your behavior? What does food represent in your life? Are you using food as a symbolic substitute? What toxic beliefs do you carry around with you? What level of negative self-talk are you dealing with?

Until those things are worked on, you can’t hope to live a life of moderation because those factors beg you to MEDICATE, rather than moderate.

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