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Join Us for a 3-Day Intensive Retreat

Movementum is about cultivating two things: movement and momentum…

Movement in the sense of physical movement, of course. But also in the sense of personal change and growth, and in the sense of creating a movement of ideas and actions that empower and inspire growth in all of us.

A retreat is a perfect format for creating momentum as well. We want to create immense personal momentum in the lives of all those who attend. After attending Movementum, you’ll be more fueled than ever to make the necessary adjustments to obtain legit health and happiness.

Movementum 2017 will be a 3-day intensive retreat, set against the backdrop of sunny Southern California, and filled with food, fun, physical movement, mindset movement, coaching, education, and more.

Movementum will be an unforgettable experience for the men and women who retreat with us. Whether you’re just starting your journey or have been “rebooting” for a while, you’re more than welcome to attend. This is an event for all shapes, sizes, and ability levels.

If you’re interested in attending Movementum 2017, we’re now taking applications. Click here to apply.

What's Planned?

  • Delicious, Real Food.
  • Fun, Functional Movement Activities.
  • Team & Social Activities.
  • Structured Lessons from founder, Kevin Geary.
  • Structured Lessons from Health Coach Zach.
  • Deep-Dive Evening Fireside Chats.
  • Lots of fun & games.
  • And more…

The Venue

More details coming soon.

A Complete Immersion in the Principles of Getting & Keeping a Body & Life You Love.

This immersive wellness experience is designed to create multiple personal breakthroughs for you. It will ignite your intrinsic motivation in the areas of nutrition, movement, sleep, tackling specific stressors, personal growth, relationship with food, body, and Self, and other important self-care habits. You will leave with practical tools and strategies that will continue to elevate your health and happiness for years to come. And that’s on top of getting to experience an unforgettable 3 days with like-minded people who you will surely come to call, friends.

Retreat Q&A

Who should attend this retreat?

Anyone who has a goal of getting and keeping a body and life they love and who wants to participate in a massively empowering and inspiring event geared toward education, growth, and motivation. This event will touch on all areas of living a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, fitness/movement, self-care habits, mindset & psychology, personal growth, and more.

How can I find out more about the details (room rates, event cost, etc.)?

If you’re serious about attending this event, then submit your application here. We will call you and discuss the event with you and give you every single detail you need. We’re not keeping anything a secret, we just prefer to speak with those who want to attend so that we can make sure everyone is a good fit for this retreat.

I'm not in very good shape. Can I still attend this retreat?

Absolutely! This retreat is for all human beings regardless of shape, size, height, race, ability, etc. If you’re serious about bettering yourself, then nothing else matters.

I'm kind of an introvert. Will I get left out of activities?

Kevin has a lot of introvert traits as well, so he understands where you’re coming from. This is not like a conference or other large event where you’re going to go and feel awkward and feel like you need to go meet people or get left out. The Movementum group is going to immediately embrace you, make you feel welcome, and make sure you’re included in every aspect of this event.

Do you have a payment plan available?

Yes, we do. The first thing we will ask you for is a $500 deposit (or you can pay in full up front). We can work out a payment plan for the rest. If this works for you, submit your application and let’s talk.

What do I need to bring?

Aside from the typical stuff, you’ll want to make sure you have:

  • Athletic clothing for physical activities.
  • Swim suits.
  • Comfortable shoes for walking.
  • A journal.
How long are the days? Is there free time away from the group?

We will release a more detailed schedule as we get closer to the retreat. However, it should be noted that no part of the retreat is required. We expect that you’ll want to experience as much as possible and we will be planning activities starting as early as 6am and ending as late as 10pm. You’re not confined to the retreat group during these times, of course.

Can spouses and children travel with me?

While the retreat is for adults only, spouses and children may travel with you and do their own thing outside of the retreat group. If you have a spouse and no children, or you’re making accommodations for you and your spouse to travel alone, we will be offering a small discount on tickets for spouses.

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