“Defense wins championships” might be true in some sports, but it’s the worst way to approach the game of getting and keeping a body and life you love.

Look around. This world is mostly made up of men and women clinging to the confines of their comfort zone. It’s a strategy of total defense.

Ask them a simple question. “Are you where you want to be? Are you truly fulfilled in the core areas of your life? Are you physically, mentally, and emotionally happy? Are you collecting unforgettable experiences?”

Want to know what the average response is? It’s something like, “Well, no. I’m not really happy. But, I’m happy enough. Things could be a lost worse.”

Be honest. Would you give a similar response if I were to ask you?

In almost all cases, things can’t really be that much worse as it relates to the aspects of your life that you have control of. For the most part, if you were the CEO of a company called Your One Life, you’d be driving that company to bankruptcy.

“But Kevin, I’m trying. I work hard. I’m responsible. I pay my bills. I have a couple hobbies. I’ve got kids and a spouse. I have a nice house. I have a job. I’m doing my best.”

I get it. I do. Here’s a question: How many of your daily actions amount to nothing more than going through the motions?

You’re furiously guarding against every little potential fear, threat, and boogeyman imaginable. Your defense is on the field. Your defense has been on the field for years. Decades, even.

I could do a deep-dive on many key areas of your life where this is happening, but I want to stick primarily to nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

You have goals related to improving your health, losing weight, and becoming more physically fit, right? What are you going to do as the CEO of Your One Life to reach those goals?

Here’s the typical approach: Cut calories or carbs or fat. Do lots of exercise (to burn more calories). Demonize foods (or food in general). Moralize. Diet. Create rules and restrictions…

Defense. Lots of fucking defense. What if your strategy looked more like this..

“I’m going to seek out and prioritize nourishing foods. Explore new movement and fitness practices that I enjoy and that provide fulfillment ( DWYLT ). Work to heal my relationship with food, body, and Self to increase wellness on a deeper level and make implementing healthy habits on a day-to-day basis effortless.

I’m going to prioritize my sleep. I’m going to implement habits that improve the quality of my sleep. I’m going to heal my gut. I’m going to get my hormones in alignment.

I’m not going to do this so that I can prolong death or ward off disease or some other defense-minded strategy. I’m going to this to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be today and tomorrow and the next day.

I want to have more energy, more mobility and flexibility, clearer thinking, and better relationships, including a better relationship with myself.”

This is what it looks like to put your offense on the field. Life can’t be about what you’re running from or defending against. It’s not about preventing losses, it’s about creating wins. Sometimes, it’s about creating something from nothing.

The reason you tend to default to playing defense is because it’s safer. You have your little comfort zone and it’s all about identifying the threats to that comfort zone and fighting them off.

Look at what you’re doing by playing that game—you’re spending all your time and effort protecting the status quo. You’re making your comfort zone a fortress. You’re making that fortress your identity.

I don’t want you to defend your comfort zone. I don’t want you to defend your status quo. When the boogeyman comes and kicks down the door of your comfort zone, I don’t want you to be home. You moved on from that place a long time ago. There’s nothing there to defend.

You can apply this offensive mindset to your health, your relationships, your career, your finances, your parenting—to everything that matters in life.

Do me a favor and pick one key area of your life. Write it down on the top of a sheet of paper. Next, be brutally honest about what you’ve done to play offense in that area over the last 1-2 years? What did the 5-10 years before that look like?

Have you been playing defense or offense? If you’ve been playing defense, what would it look like to play offense? What scares you about playing offense?

If you’re really brave, you’ll put your results in the comments section below.

Founder of Rebooted Body and host of The Rebooted Body Podcast. Kevin helps men and women finally get a body and life they love with his unique blend of real food, functional movement, and psychology. To work with him personally, choose a program.

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