Let’s just go ahead and dive right into that word nobody ever wants to talk about. That supposed ideal that everyone stresses about. That ideal state that seems so within your reach, but knocks you down when you feel like you almost have a grasp on it.


Yes, perfection. That ten-letter word with that grossly infamous definition. The condition of being completely free of all possible faults.

So you’ve got a couple flaws. You know what that means? You’re human. You breathe, see, cry, and laugh. You’re ticked off when your favorite sports team loses, and you hide in the copy room all day when the Brad Pitt of your office turns you down for Friday night happy hour.

Maybe your job or school has you overwhelmed. Maybe you feel like you’ve swum yourself to the bottom of some great big ravine. You focus on the gaps in the woodwork, and what’s more, you let your flaws overtake not only your mind, but also your daily actions and relationships with others.

Well, today is the day it stops.

Today is the day you finally wake up, pour yourself a cup of joe, and sip slowly as you think about all the little things that make your life so imperfectly perfect.

I won’t say that everything in life is flawless, and that there aren’t going to be those occasions every now and then that really just make you want to scream. In reality, there are always going to be those flickers of adversity that pop up into our lives. They add a little shade to the sun and take away a little coffee from our cups.

What we must not forget is that it is these little flecks of darkness are what make us who we are.

Let’s be honest with each other. When was the last time you saw something that seemed perfect to you? Yesterday? 3 minutes ago on social media? 5 seconds ago when you saw your boss leave in his Maserati for his long weekend in the Hamptons? Well, I’ve got a news flash for you: no matter what your answer is, and no matter what you think may be the cure-all to those silly inadequacies, obsessing over making you and your life perfect is never going to make anything better.

Finding some brief, seeming perfection is not going to magically put a charm on your life that makes everything sparkle and shine and it’s certainly not going to give you satisfaction that will last your whole life through. 

You know what perfection is? It’s perspective. It’s a way of looking at life. It’s seeing the sparkle in the icicle and the flower in the weeds.

It’s deeper than the superficial. It runs through your veins and it surges through your core. It’s the irregularities in your breath and the butterflies in your heart.

So go ahead. Strive for the peak. But if you don’t make it there, enjoy the sights along the way. Fight for what you want most in the world. Be a go-getter and jump all in. Stop fearing that mystical idea of perfection, but instead embrace all the brilliant madness life throws your way.

In the end, it’s not about achieving perfection. It’s about tossing away the notion of following the yellow-brick road and instead walking on the cracks in the sidewalk and enjoying each crooked step.

Founder of Rebooted Body and host of The Rebooted Body Podcast. Kevin helps men and women finally get a body and life they love with his unique blend of real food, functional movement, and psychology. To work with him personally, choose a program.

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